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GFCI Outlet Installation Services in Citrus & Marion County, FL

Providing Prompt GFCI Outlet Installation Services

If your home doesn't have GFCI outlets, it probably isn't up to modern safety standards. Although we don't typically put too much thought into our outlets, the absence of these receptacles can spell danger for you and your family. Fortunately, Mr. Electric of Citrus & Marion County can take care of the issue and bring your home up to current building code standards. We offer exceptional electrician services to residents of Inverness, Homosassa, Crystal River, Le Canto, and Beverly Hills, FL, and we're always happy to meet with new customers. Learn more about GFCI outlet installation and how it can benefit you.

GFCI Outlet Installation Services in Citrus & Marion County, FL

Providing Prompt GFCI Outlet Installation Services

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  • A GFCI outlet is a receptacle that features "test" and "reset" buttons on the surface. They're common in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and other areas where you're at the highest risk of electric shock. Unlike a traditional outlet, these receptacles monitor the amount of electricity flowing through the circuit. When the outlet detects an imbalance, it automatically cuts off power to the outlet. This keeps you safe from shock, especially in a high-moisture environment.

  • Using a GFCI outlet is easier than you may think. When the outlet stops power flow due to an imbalance, all you need to do is press the marked "reset" button to restore power. Compared with a typical circuit breaker, GFCIs are much more reliable and sensitive to tiny fluctuations in electrical current. They're designed to interrupt power with fractions of a second to keep you are your family safe from electrical shock and other hazards.

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Try This Quick Testing Method

Because GFCI outlets serve such a vital purpose, it's a good idea to test all GFCIs in your home each month. Thankfully, the testing process is something you can easily do on your own—no call to an electrician necessary! Here's how we recommend testing your GFCIs:

  • Press the "test" button—this will pause the electrical flow.
  • Plug a night light or another small device into the outlet. This device should be something that uses very little electricity.
  • Check to see if the device is working—if the test button functions correctly, power should no longer flow to the device.
  • Push the "reset" button to restore power.

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