Top-Notch Electrical Repairs in Columbia, MI

It’s easy to take electricity for granted. But, when you are forced to go without that morning cup of coffee, can’t charge your cell phone, or the lights don’t work, it truly puts things into perspective. Electricity is part of our daily lives; we need it to work, cook, relax, and play. The crew at Mr. Electric understands the necessity of electricity. We also know the ins and outs of the repair process. Rely on us when you need electrical repairs in Columbia, MI. We assess the problem, diagnose the issue, and provide an in-home quote before getting to work.

Allow Mr. Electric To Tackle Your Electric Repairs

Mr. Electric technician standing in front of a yellow Mr. Electric van while holding a blue bag. Leave the electrical work to the professionals. Mr. Electric only employs skilled technicians with the knowledge and expertise to perform your electric repairs safely. Your dependable crew member always treats you and your home with care and respect. Call on us when you need repairs, including:

Efficient Lighting Repairs and Upgrades

Rely on Mr. Electric to perform lighting repairs and upgrades in and around your home.

  • Interior lighting: Every room of your house—from the entryway to the bathroom to the pantry—requires sufficient lighting that works properly. The proper lighting not only allows you to see when the sun goes down. It also adds a sense of ambiance to your home. Allow us to repair any dysfunctional lights within your home or upgrade your lighting in any room.
  • Exterior lighting: Depend on Mr. Electric to handle lighting projects outside your home. Whether it is the front porch light that helps you see when returning after dark or the motion sensor lights surrounding your house, you deserve functional exterior lighting.
  • Holiday lighting: The Mr. Electric crew is available to assist with your holiday lighting needs. From ensuring you have the capacity to support your dazzling holiday dreams to installing and taking them down, we help you embrace the holiday spirit.  

Timely Ceiling Fan Repairs and Upgrades

Ceiling fans keep cool air coming in the warm months and warm air circulating in the cool months. They offer year-round comfort to accompany your HVAC, so you want them in working order. You also deserve to have them set up in all the necessary rooms throughout your home. Fortunately, the skilled professionals at Mr. Electric are adept at ceiling fan repairs and installations. We happily handle this task so you don’t have to deal with ladders, back strain, or electrical shocks.

Convenient Outlet Repairs and Upgrades

An outlet that shocks you when you plug something in, emits a burning smell, or doesn’t work requires professional attention. Turn to your neighborhood Mr. Electric to diagnose the issue and get your outlets back in order. It could be a quick fix, or there might be a more serious underlying electrical condition. Either way, we evaluate the issue immediately and provide an up-front quote.

Contact Us For An In-Home Quote

Forget trying to deal with dangerous electric repairs on your own. It’s simply not worth the risk to your property or personal safety. The knowledgeable technicians from Mr. Electric know what we are doing and strive to set your mind at ease throughout the process. Contact us today to tell us about your electrical repair needs.