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Professional EV Charger Installations in Montgomery, AL

Electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity. If you’ve found yourself on this page, you probably have one and require a swift and efficient way to charge it at home. Turn to Mr. Electric of Montgomery for professional EV charger installations in Montgomery, AL. We make sure you can charge your electric vehicles safely and reliably in the comfort of your own home. Contact us today to learn more about our approach to electrical installations and to schedule an appointment!

Professional EV Charger Installations in Montgomery, AL
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  • When you choose to invest in having an electric vehicle charger station at home, it’s a big decision. You have to weigh several factors unique to your needs and driving habits. Considering how frequently you need to charge your electric vehicle plays a significant role in determining if an EV charging station at home is right for you. Here are some of the benefits to consider when making your decision: • Convenience: Home EV charger installations offer the ultimate convenience. Owners can charge their EVs overnight or whenever they are at home, eliminating the need for frequent trips to public charging stations. • Cost Savings: Charging an EV at home is often cheaper than public charging stations, especially if you take advantage of off-peak electricity rates. • Faster Charging: Professional installations provide access to Level 2 chargers, which can charge an EV significantly faster than a standard household outlet. This is especially valuable if you have a long commute or larger battery capacity.

Mr. Electric electrician showing a customer a home EV charger during an installation appointment.

The Process of Installing EV Charging Stations

Mr. Electric of Montgomery aims to make installing your EV charging station as swift and seamless as possible. While the process may vary slightly depending on your home, the basic steps include:

  • Site Assessment: The first step in the installation process involves a site assessment by your electrician. Mr. Electric of Montgomery sends one of our skilled professionals to evaluate your home's electrical system, determine the best location for the charger, and ensure that your electrical panel can handle the additional load.
  • Permits and Approvals: Depending on your local regulations, you may need permits and approvals for the installation. Your Mr. Electric electrician will handle these requirements, ensuring the installation complies with all safety and building codes.
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades: In some cases, your home's electrical panel may need an upgrade to support the charger's power requirements. This step ensures the safety and reliability of the installation.
  • Charger Installation: We will install the EV charger station once the site assessment is complete and all necessary approvals are obtained. This includes mounting the charging unit, wiring it to your electrical panel, and configuring the charging settings.
  • Testing and Inspection: After the installation, we will perform thorough testing to ensure the charger functions correctly and safely.
  • User Training: Your Mr. Electric technician will provide a brief training session on how to use the EV charger station, including how to adjust charging settings, set charging schedules, and monitor energy consumption.

Always keep your electric vehicle charged so you are ready to hit the road. Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation for your home EV charger station!

  • EV Charger Installation and Replacement

    When it comes to charging up your new EV in half the time, there’s nothing better than a Level 2 charger. And when it comes to installing a fast, efficient Level 2 home charger in your garage, driveway, or carport, you can trust the licensed electricians at your local Mr. Electric®.

  • EV Charger Repair and Service

    Whatever brand of charging station you have, Mr. Electric can repair all components for your home charging station, including: power control units (PCU), battery monitoring systems (BMS), converters, power modules, cords, rectifiers, and dispensers.

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