Circuit Breaker Installations Services in Westchester, NY

Out Electricians Know How to Install Circuit Breakers

New electronics and appliances can make your life a lot easier, but they also pull more power from your electrical system. If your circuits are relatively old, they may struggle to handle the amount of electricity required to power all your appliances and electronics. The solution is circuit breaker installation and upgrades. You don’t need to know how to install a new circuit in an electrical panel. It’s safer when the professionals handle it for you. Mr. Electric of Westchester performs circuit breaker installation services in Westchester, New York. Learn more about the benefits of upgrading your home’s circuit breakers.

Mr. Electric electrician working on a circuit breaker

Prevent Electrical Circuit Overload

The circuit breakers in your electrical panel perform a vital safety function. They prevent electrical overload. Each area of your home is equipped to handle a specific amount of electrical current (called amperage). The breaker trips when the amperage running through a particular circuit exceeds safe levels. As a breaker trips, it will cut power from that area of the home, preventing the possibility of a fire occurring as a result of the electrical overload. This happens when devices try to pull more electricity than the breaker is made to handle. For instance, if a single outlet has a coffee maker, microwave, and blender plugged into it, the breaker may trip if they are all used at the same time. If you notice a breaker tripping more often than you would like, the professionals at Mr. Electric of Westchester know how to install a circuit breaker that can safely manage more electricity.

The Top Reasons to Update Your Circuit Breakers

Your electrical panel may not look like it changes very much over time, but it is constantly working. That continual workload takes a toll on the circuit breakers inside. We meet many homeowners who are not aware of the importance of updating their electrical panel’s circuits. Circuit breaker installation can make your electrical system safer and improve its performance. Some of the reasons that homeowners install new circuit breakers include:

  • Overloaded Outlets – If you find yourself making trips to your breaker box to reset your circuit breakers, it’s probably time to update them. You also might want to install new circuit breakers if you are installing new outlets around your home.
  • Specialty Lighting – Installing new lighting inside and outside of your home can add style and functionality. However, the additional electrical demand will likely require the installation of new circuit breakers.
  • Security Systems – An advanced security system will definitely make you sleep better at night, knowing that your family is safe from intruders. Security systems pull a significant amount of power from your electrical system, and it is often a good idea to install a dedicated circuit for them.
  • Appliances – Major appliances, like refrigerators and chest freezers, require special outlets and special high-powered circuit breakers to manage the additional electricity.
  • Ceiling Fans – If you want to upgrade your ceiling fan to be able to control the fan and the light separately, you will need to install a new circuit.
  • Additional Outdoor Electricity – Adding outlets and light fixtures to the exterior of your home can make life a lot easier, but they will also need a new circuit.
  • Emergency Generator Installation – A backup generator can keep you and your family going in a blackout, but it will need to be wired into a subpanel with its own circuit.
  • Home Office Equipment – When leveling up your home office set-up, make sure your circuit breakers can manage the amount of electricity needed to power computers, printers, monitors, and all your other electronic devices.
  • Cable or Satellite TV – When you have upgraded circuits, you won’t have any problem adding cable or satellite TV to your home.
  • Home Efficiency Upgrades – If you want to make your new solar panels, EV chargers, and solar water heaters as efficient as possible, it helps to install a dedicated circuit for them.
  • Garages and Workshops – Make sure your garage and workshop can provide you with all the power you need to keep tools running at full power with the right circuits.

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As you can see, the quality of your electrical circuits will determine the performance and efficiency of your entire electrical system. Mr. Electric of Westchester is dedicated to helping homeowners make their electrical systems as efficient and safe as possible. We have helped countless homeowners across Westchester, Harrison, and White Plains update and upgrade their circuits. We are excited to help you too! Schedule a circuit breaker installation appointment today!