Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades in Westchester, NY

Learn About Electrical Panel Upgrades From the Pros

As any commercial property gets older, its electrical panel will struggle to distribute electricity as effectively as it should. As the service panel in your building gets older, it will eventually struggle to keep up with the increased electrical demands from computers, lights, HVAC systems, and other major appliances. Mr. Electric of Westchester offers commercial electrical panel upgrades in Westchester, New York. Upgrading electrical panels requires a team of skilled and experienced electricians. Learn more about our commercial electrical panel upgrades.

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Understanding Your Electrical Panel

Your property’s electrical panel is responsible for managing and distributing electricity to the various circuits throughout your home. Its main job is to prevent electrical overloads, which can result in fire. The circuit breakers within your electrical panel are constantly monitoring the current of electricity running through them. If that current gets too strong, it will immediately trip, cutting off power to that section of the building. Commercial electrical panel upgrades are just as important as home electrical panel upgrades. An aging electrical panel is likely to trip more often than necessary, which can disrupt the business operations within your commercial property. In the worst cases, a faulty electrical panel may fail to stop an electrical overload and possibly allow a fire to start.

Common Signs of a Faulty Commercial Electrical Panel

As electrical panels age, they may begin to malfunction. That can cause circuit breakers to trip when they shouldn’t or fail to trip when they should. It can also cause problems as subtle as flickering lights. Some of the signs that an electrical panel needs to be upgraded are easier to identify than others. Sometimes you can tell just by the age of your panel alone. Professionals recommend that property owners get electrical panel upgrades every 25 years. If your panel is more than 25 years old, you should have it inspected regularly, and you should seriously consider upgrading it. Some of the other signs that it is time to upgrade or replace your electrical panel include:

  • Crackling noises coming from the electrical panel
  • Corrosion or rust is present on the circuit breakers
  • Your electrical panel is warm to the touch
  • Appliances and electronics that are sluggish or run at less than full power
  • You need to use extension cords regularly
  • Your building only has 60-amp service
  • Your building has 100-amp service, but the breakers still trip when you operate specific appliances
  • Your property has a fuse-block panel or a split-bus panel, which lacks a main breaker

Can I Upgrade My Electrical Panel Without Replacing it?

Just because your commercial electrical panel is acting up, it doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to replace it. Our experienced electricians can often repair or upgrade your electrical panel without completely replacing it. When you work with Mr. Electric of Westchester, we will inspect your entire property’s electrical needs, including your energy demands, the ages of your breaker, and several other factors. Then we will make a recommendation as to whether your electrical panel can be repaired or needs to be replaced. In either case, we always give you upfront pricing and a quote for the upgraded electrical panel’s cost.

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If you suspect that your electrical panel needs to be upgraded, call the pros. Mr. Electric of Westchester has earned a reputation for safe and reliable work all across Westchester, Harrison, and White Plains, New York. All our electricians are licensed and follow state/local regulations when installing new electrical panels. Schedule an appointment for your electrical panel upgrade today!