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Home Generator Install & Maintenance in Indianapolis & Fishers, IN

The Importance of Having a Home Backup Generator

Are you prepared for a power outage? Having an independent power source is a crucial part of emergency preparedness. While power outages are not an everyday occurrence, they can turn your life on its head. Mr. Electric of Fishers offers home generator installation throughout Indianapolis, Fishers and the surrounding area. Our trained electricians can help you install a generator that will automatically supply power to your whole house while everyone else in the neighbourhood is sitting in the dark. Forget the candles and flashlights. Take your comfort, convenience, and power supply into your own hands. Learn more about our home backup generator installation and maintenance services.

Home Generator Install & Maintenance in Indianapolis & Fishers, IN
The Importance of Having a Home Backup Generator
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  • If you are just beginning your exploration into the idea of installing a generator, it can be helpful to start with the foundation of learning about the two different kinds of generators. Selecting the most appropriate generator for your home is easy once you understand the limitations and capabilities of each. Mr. Electric of Fishers can perform home generator installation for either type.

    The Pros and Cons of Portable Generators

    Portable generators offer an attractive combination of affordability and flexibility. You can take them with you if you are camping or going on vacation. The main drawback of a portable generator is the power supply. These units cannot supply power to an entire home. They usually have enough electrical capacity to power a few appliances and devices. However, they cannot be used indoors either because they emit carbon monoxide gas which is toxic in an enclosed space.

    The Benefits of Standby Generators

    If you want the most convenient way to keep your home running in a blackout, you need a standby generator. These units will kick on the moment you lose electricity. They can power all the appliances and electronics in your home. That means you’ll barely notice any loss of electricity. This type of generator is wired directly into your home’s electrical system. So, it does require professional installation from a team like Mr. Electric of Fishers.

  • If you have a home generator, you need to ensure that it is properly maintained. You may go for long periods without needing to use your generator. So, it can be challenging to know its condition. Mr. Electric of Fishers offers generator maintenance services. Experts recommend that homeowners have a professional inspect their home generator at least once a year to ensure it is ready to go whenever it is needed.

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When a Home Generator Comes in Handy

A generator is a piece of equipment that uses fuel, like gasoline or natural gas, to create electricity for your home. There are many instances where you may need to rely on a generator. If you want a generator that can supply power to your whole home the moment the power goes out, you’ll need home generator services from a team of professional electricians. Some of the times when a generator will come in useful include:

  • Blackouts – Many things that can cause a blackout. Whether it’s going to last an hour or a day, you don’t want a problem with your utility company’s equipment to disrupt your life.
  • Inclement Weather – The weather here in Indiana is hard to predict. Severe storms can cause power lines to go down, from lightning to heavy winds knocking branches off trees.
  • Damage From Animals – Animals nesting in electrical equipment or chewing through lines is the second most common cause of power outages.
  • Car Accidents – At any moment, a vehicle can strike a power line and disrupt service to an entire area. The duration of an outage can vary greatly in those cases, depending on how long it takes your utility company to perform the necessary repairs.

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