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Retrofit Lighting Installation Service in Grand Prairie, TX

Professional Retrofit Lighting Installations

If you own an older home or commercial building, your electrical and lighting needs have likely changed and evolved. However, your existing electrical system may not be able to accommodate additional lighting fixtures, outlets, and electrical appliances safely. At Mr. Electric of Grand Prairie, we have a team of experienced technicians who can conduct a thorough electrical safety inspection of your home or business. We can determine if your electrical panel, circuit breakers, or lighting systems need to be updated to handle an increased load safely. Our retrofit lighting installations can also increase your home's or business's energy efficiency and adapt your lighting installations to accommodate LED lighting. Call us today to schedule an appointment for retrofit lighting installation service in Grand Prairie, Cedar Hill, and Waxahachie, TX.

Retrofit Lighting Installation Service in Grand Prairie, TX

Professional Retrofit Lighting Installations

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  • Retrofitting is the process of updating, conforming, or adapting old technology to allow it to function properly with newer technology or modern elements. Retrofit lighting is upgrading your existing light switches, outlets, or fixtures to increase energy efficiency, performance, convenience, or accessibility. For instance, retrofit lighting installs can include a lighting control station with motion-sensor lighting, room occupancy sensors, dimmer switches, or lighting timers. You can also opt for retrofit lighting services to switch to more energy-efficient LED lighting. Depending on what our home service technicians find when we complete an electrical safety inspection, we may recommend replacing or upgrading your electrical panel, circuit breakers, switches, and outlets. We may also suggest wiring upgrades.

  • You should consider a retrofit lighting installation in many different scenarios. When you contact us to discuss your current electrical system and the upgrades you need to make, we will assess your current electrical system and determine whether retrofit lighting services are necessary. You may benefit from retrofit lighting installations if:
    • You want to reduce energy usage in your home or business.
    • You want to switch to more eco-friendly lighting options.
    • You have added new appliances, lighting, or other electrical systems without upgrading your electrical panel or circuit breakers.
    • You want to reduce operating costs or energy bills while improving light quality.
    • You want to improve the value of your home or property.
    • You plan on mounting or installing new light sockets or fixtures on walls or ceilings.
    • You want to install new types or styles of lighting, like track lighting, ballast lighting, landscape lighting, or security lighting.
  • We offer a variety of electrical safety services and electrical upgrades. You may need retrofit lighting services if you want to install new lighting fixtures, new electrical appliances, or eco-friendly and energy-efficient appliances. When we assess your home and electrical systems, we may recommend:
    • New outlet or switch installation
    • Lighting controls
    • GFCI outlet installation
    • Surge protector installation
    • Circuit breaker upgrades
    • Electrical panel upgrades
    • Lighting repairs and upgrades
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When to Consider Retrofit Lighting Installation Services

Not everyone needs retrofit lighting services. We can complete an electrical safety inspection to determine if you would benefit from retrofitting your lighting or electrical systems. You should contact us to discuss retrofit lighting services if:

  • Your lights frequently flicker.
  • Your breakers are constantly tripping.
  • Your computers are on a dedicated circuit.
  • You are adding new electrical appliances, systems, or lighting to your home or business.
  • Your fuses blow regularly.
  • Your electrical panel is making strange noises.
  • You need more electrical outlets or use multiple power strips or extension cords.
  • Your electronic devices aren’t running on full power.
  • You need to add a sub panel, or you require a 240v circuit.
  • Your outlets are two-pronged or non-grounded.
  • You need GFCI outlet installation or an arc fault circuit interrupter installation.

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