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Recessed Lighting Installation in Grand Prairie, TX

Professional Recessed Lighting Installation

Installing recessed lighting can improve the ambiance and comfort of your home. When you install recessed lights, you can highlight areas of your home that need additional illumination, making it easier to complete tasks safely. At Mr. Electric of Grand Prairie, we offer professional recessed lighting installation in Grand Prairie, Cedar Hill, and Waxahachie, TX. Our team of home service professionals can evaluate your space and design the perfect lighting scheme for your lifestyle, needs, and goals. Call us today to schedule a consultation or request an estimate for the cost to install recessed lighting.

Recessed Lighting Installation in Grand Prairie, TX

Professional Recessed Lighting Installation

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  • Recessed lighting is installed flush with a wall or ceiling. Each type consists of housing, trim, and a bulb. The housing holds the fixture, which is then hidden within the wall or ceiling. The trim is the exposed, decorative part of the fixture and can be customized to complement your decor or aesthetic. The bulb produces light and can be traditional or LED. Choose lighting fixtures that match your home's decor and increase the amount of light in specific areas that otherwise would be too dim. The primary considerations when working with our home service professionals to choose the right type of recessed lighting are the trim and bulb:

    • Trim – The trim you choose for your recessed lighting is aesthetic and cosmetic.
      • Baffle – Baffle trims reduce glare and produce softer, more ambient light. The baffle absorbs most of the light.
      • Reflectors – Reflectors maximize light production and give it direction. They are ideal for task lighting and high ceilings.
      • Wall Wash – Wall wash trims include an opaque shell that directs light to the side and can accent a piece of artwork or architectural feature.
      • Adjustable – Adjustable trims give you control over the direction of the light and are typically used as accent lights or task lights.
      • Lensed – Lensed trims have a solid cover that protects the bulb and wiring and are rated for use in wet environments like bathrooms, showers, or exterior lighting installations.

    • Bulbs – The bulb you choose for your recessed lighting installation will affect the light's brightness and the room's ambiance.
      • Halogen & incandescent bulbs – These produce bright, white light and get warm. They also consume more energy. They are best used outdoors for security lighting.
      • Fluorescent bulbs – Compact fluorescent bulbs are energy-efficient and don't generate much heat.
      • LED bulbs – LED bulbs are energy-efficient and don't generate heat. They last many years and can be used in interior and exterior lights.

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Where to Install Recessed Lights

When installing recessed lighting, you need to consider the placement of each light in each room carefully. Recessed lighting adds extra light and should not be the primary light source in any room. Our team can help you create a home lighting design that includes layered lighting or different styles of lighting in each room to enhance the ambience, improve safety and security, and make it easier to complete tasks. Recessed lighting can be installed almost anywhere inside or outside your home:
  • Kitchen – Over a kitchen island, countertops, or stovetops.
  • Dining Room – Over the table or buffet.
  • Living Room – Over the seating area, artwork, cabinetry, and storage fixtures.
  • Hallways & Closets – Improve safety and convenience.
  • Bathroom – In your shower or over your bathtub.
  • Bedroom – In a reading nook or window seat, in a closet, or above your bed.
  • Shed, Basement, or Garage – Add task lighting to a specific area or to improve comfort and security.
  • Exterior – Exterior lighting in pools, spas, patios, decks, gazebos, pergolas, and sidewalks or walkways.

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