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Mr. Electric of Madison

Electrician in Madison, WI

Electricity makes the modern world go round. When your power shorts out, call Mr. Electric of Madison for quick and convenient repairs. We offer our electrical expertise in Madison and Sun Prairie and the surrounding area. Your home or business is in good hands, whether you’re hoping to overhaul the wiring or install ceiling fans. Our promise to you is the best work, whether your needs are common or complicated. We represent Dane County’s electric solutions with pride.

At Mr. Electric of Madison, we believe that every client and project should be treated with the utmost care and respect. Thanks to years of experience, our electricians understand how important safe and working electricity is to our customers in Madison, WI. As a locally owned business with the backing of a trusted international brand, we want to be the company that you can turn to for all of your electrical service needs.

In order to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers, we believe that it’s important to do the job right the first time, so we take a detail-oriented approach to our work. Our highly skilled technicians will carefully examine your situation, identify any underlying issues, and provide you with an honest and thorough assessment. No matter the scope of the project, we’ll also promptly complete our work so that you can quickly get back to your routine. We can help with:

  • Hot receptacles
  • Improper grounding
  • Sparking outlets

The next time you need a team of electricians, look no further than Mr. Electric of Madison. Our technicians are available throughout Madison and Sun Prairie seven days a week. For more information, call today.

Our Top Services

Electrical Improvements


Compliment your air conditioner with ceiling fan installation throughout your home or business from Mr. Electric. Ceiling fans save you money and lower the cost of your next electricity bill. Reap the benefits of your new ceiling fans and let Mr. Electric do all the work.

Specialty Lighting


A well-lit lawn or business has the potential to deter criminals from attacking your home or business. Don’t fall victim -- call today to receive more information on our trusted landscape and security lighting services. Whether it is your front yard or a commercial parking lot, feel safe and protected with the help of Mr. Electric.

Safety and Security

Electrical Safety

Did you know that the National Electrical Code is updated every three years? Don’t fall behind and let Mr. Electric take care of your safety. Our company offers free electric examinations and detailed checklists to inform and warn you about potential problems in your home and business. Trust Mr. Electric to keep your home and business safe.

Generator Installation

Mr. Electric offers professional home and commercial generator installation.  Ensure the safety of your belongings and family in the event of a natural disaster or unplanned power outage with a home standby generator.  Commercial generators keep your employees and customers safe and your systems up and running.  A licensed professional will install your generator, and since safety is our top priority, and we will arrange for an inspection of the generator to make sure that all local codes and regulations are met.