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Mr. Electric® wants to make sure everyone is ready for the fall and winter months in case any weather-related disasters occur.  The importance of having alternate reliable energy when the need arises cannot be stressed enough. Electricity is the lifeline of many local businesses, hospitals and city buildings, and the amount of electricity usage in households is often taken for granted.

Generators propose a great solution when temporary power is needed, but they also require special care and attention to detail for safe operation and maintenance. Follow these tips to stay safe while operating permanently placed and portable generators.

Avoid enclosed areas.

Always operate generators outside in well-ventilated areas and away from windows, doors and vents. Enclosed or partially enclosed areas, even with ventilation, can result in CO poisoning.

Decorating for Halloween involves jack-o-lanterns, cobwebs, ghosts, ghouls, witches, skeletons and more. One of the most exciting parts of decorating is putting up lights! Different colors, shapes, and sizes can take a home or yard to another level. Along with this new level of appeal comes a new level of safety hazards, though. To ensure your Halloween goes smoothly for your family, Mr. Electric® wants you to know the precautions you should take to safely power tomorrow.

Plan ahead.

Before decorating, count the number of outlets available and take note of where they are located so you can plan your displays accordingly. This will allow for a safe distribution of use among different outlets and prevent you from having strings of lights stretching across the floor or yard. Those are both huge hazards that can be avoided by planning.

By Hannah Haseloff

Electricity is a wonderful invention that makes our lives infinitely easier, but electricity can also be very dangerous if proper precautions are not practiced. Did you know that 70 percent of child-related electrical accidents happen in the home while under adult supervision? In accordance with National Childhood Injury Prevention Month, Mr. Electric® has some tips to help you keep your children safe.


Thousands of children are hospitalized every year due to swallowing batteries. Children are especially attracted to the small button type. Store batteries in proper containers inside a locked cabinet, and always monitor children with electronic play toy use.

Christmas Trees

By Kristin Waites

Warm weather makes it more appealing to be outside after the sun goes down, and do-it-yourself lighting projects can add a distinctive flair to outdoor gatherings. Mr. Electric® has ways to power your tomorrow and help make your backyard the place to be on summer evenings with these great DIY backyard lighting ideas.

Outdoor Candle Lantern

tuna can lantern

tuna can lantern instructions

Don’t let your business contribute to a growing global crisis. Electronic waste, or e-waste, is rapidly taking its toll on the environment and the population. How can your business handle e-waste responsibly?

Graphic with the title "All About Incandescent Light Bulbs"

If you're like most Americans, you probably still have a quite a few incandescent lightbulbs throughout your home. Cheap, effective, and easy to use, incandescent lightbulbs provide the second most used form of lighting in the world today behind fluorescent bulbs. The history of the incandescent light bulb While Thomas Edison typically gets the credit for the invention of incandescent lightbulbs. He was far from the only person involved in their history. Technology and variations over the years include…

As we continue to recognize 9/11, a time of remembrance and gratitude for those who selflessly put their lives on the line for others should be top-of-mind. Many great people stepped up to help others in need, and many of them perished for their courageous efforts. From responding to medical emergencies, natural disasters, to the unthinkable acts taken against a country, first responders must be ready to handle any situation and are often times looked to for guidance and direction during times of distress. In a lot of cases, first responders do not know exactly what they will face but must be prepared for the worst. No first responder would be able to perform their duty without special tools and equipment to help them along the way. Mr. Electric® salutes the heroes who put themselves in front of others when danger arises and takes a look at the electronic tools that make first responders the best around.

Graphic with title "All About LED Bulbs"

In recent years, LED performance has caused an abundance of hype in the lighting technology market. What’s all the fuss about LED bulbs? Turns out there’s quite a bit to rave about…

The history of LED light bulbs 
Light emitting diodes, or LEDs, are among the most rapidly advancing lighting technologies available today. Highly efficient, long lasting, and environmentally friendly, LED bulbs, like other forms of lighting technology, have progressed thanks to the work of multiple inventors….

Graphic with title "Shark Week is Spark Week at Mr. Electric"

As the rest of the world is observing Discovery Channel®’s legendary Shark Week 2014, we at Mr. Electric® took it upon ourselves to set aside this time to celebrate what we have endearingly termed Spark Week. While the fascinating facts and featured film clips of the mystifying creatures are fun and interesting to watch, we believe the electric spark is just as deserving of our appreciation for a week as sharks are – especially taking into consideration that electricity wouldn’t exist without it.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more information, contact: Monica Feid, BizCom Associates (972) 490-8053, WACO, Texas (August 18, 2014) – The Dwyer Group®, Inc., one of the world’s largest franchising companies of trades service brands, today announced it has been acquired for the second time by The Riverside Company, a private equity fund with locations in North America, Europe and Asia. The deal with the global investment firm renews a collaboration between two growing and successful organizations. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.