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Landscape Lighting

Your Landscape Lighting Experts in Birmingham – Mr. Electric

A beautiful home with perfectly manicured landscaping is easy to see in the daylight. Create a whole new, welcoming and safe atmosphere for your home at night with precision landscape lighting by Mr. Electric® of Birmingham.

Our professional electricians can design an outdoor lighting solution unique to your home and landscape that is energy efficient and properly wired with switches, junctions and timers. We pride ourselves on world-class customer service and expert workmanship with quality products.

Outdoor Lighting Features and Benefits

Setting the Right Moods

Entertain your friends and enjoy quiet moments in your outdoor living room, or illuminate your backyard pool while barbecuing and watching the big game – or both. With the right landscape lighting design, you can create more than one lighting atmosphere to fit different situations, without that stark contrast that big floodlights cause. Unless you need to light up the night for a game of pickup football in the backyard. Whatever the lighting situation, you can create the right atmosphere with a variety of landscape lighting options. Thanks to our experience, Mr. Electric can help you design the perfect outdoor electrical system for all of your moods.

Welcoming Entryways

With subtle directional lighting your friends and guests will feel welcome to your beautiful home and gardens. With different lighting styles, we can create different displays for the time of day, season, or holiday. Using light and shadows, you can emphasize features or hide eyesores. Highlight fountains, flowers, flags, sculptures, trees, shrubs, or other features. If you use a professional landscaper, we can work with them to create the perfect nighttime atmosphere from the start before the landscape is planted.

Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure

Lighting should illuminate pathways, stairs and entryways for your family and friends’ safety. And you don’t want visitors to slip, trip or fall while they are admiring your landscape. A lighted home also helps prevent burglaries and vandalism. You need the ability to flood the area with light when necessary. For example, motion-detection floodlights can flip no when someone steps on the front porch, or when a car pulls into the driveway, or when an intruder moves toward a window on the side of the house. As an added benefit, motion-detection lights save energy costs by not staying on all night long. Mr. Electric has options to connect outdoor lighting into a whole home electrical, security and lighting system as well.

Increasing Your Home’s Value

When you are ready to sell your home, you can show it off day and night with outdoor and landscape lighting, which will make an impression on potential home buyers. They will understand that it adds safety and security while creating a beautiful atmosphere. Not to mention how useful outdoor lighting can be for all kinds of outdoor activities. Without proper outdoor lighting, a house will not feel complete.

Convenient Lighting Design and Installation

Contact the professionals at Mr. Electric to learn more about landscape lighting and outdoor electrical systems. We can explore your options, explain the process, provide upfront pricing, and turn your landscape into a nighttime dreamscape. We’ve worked with homeowners and business owners throughout the Birmingham metro area, including Alabaster, Hoover, Indian Springs Village, Lake Purdy, Meadowbrook, and Pelham. Call us now or schedule an appointment online today!