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Home Energy Savings

Remember back in the good ole’ days when Mom and Dad would remind you to close the door so they weren’t heating or cooling the whole neighborhood? Today saving energy is even more important, with repercussions far beyond busting the monthly budget. Don’t understand all the buzz about efficiency and energy savings today? You may be missing out on the bigger picture...

Conserving energy in your household is crucial for many reasons:

  • Monetary: Simply put, conserving saves money. Properly insulating your home reduces heating and cooling needs, more efficient appliances and lighting reduce your electric load, and paying attention to usage habits can all decrease your monthly utility costs significantly.
  • Comfort: Properly insulating and sealing your home keeps conditioned air (your home's largest energy expense) contained, and your home’s inhabitants more comfortable.
  • Environmental: Conserving energy in the home helps control climate change and air pollution. More than half of all greenhouses gases come from power plants and natural gas. Pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, lead, mercury, VOCs, and more are also released as a result of electrical consumption.
  • Cultural: How will your usage of limited fossil fuels and the way they impact the environment affect future generations? Rather than putting issues on the back burner for others to contend with, lead the next generation by example in order to create a more secure energy future for your family, America, and the world as a whole.

From energy efficient light bulbs to ENERGY STAR qualified appliances, Mr. Electric® can help you reduce your home’s carbon footprint and utility costs. Our professionals have the expertise you need to find the most energy efficient solutions for your home and family.

Power Conditioners

Surge protection and noise filtration for clean power and the long-term stability of electronics and appliances.

Lighting Controls

High quality, energy efficient, user-friendly wireless lighting solutions via remote or smart device.

Power Consumption Meters

Critical to determining how much energy your home and each electrical appliance or device utilizes, power consumption meters provide the knowledge you need to drastically reduce energy use.

Solar Energy Systems

Reduce your carbon footprint, increase your property value, and save on energy bills with the help of Mother Nature.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Eliminate the standby losses of tank systems and reduce energy use, producing water when you need it, where you need it.

Light Dimmers and Timers

Conserve energy, reduce utility costs, improve security, and enhance the ambiance of your home.

Electrical System Upgrades

Ensure the safety of your home and family as well as compliance with current NEC (National Electrical Code) standards.

Energy Audits

An up-close look at the efficiency of your home including suggestions on ways to reduce your energy consumption.

Ready to start saving? Trust our technicians to help you make informed choices about today's electrical solutions. Contact Mr. Electric today.