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Holiday Lighting

Take some hassle out of the holidays! Give yourself the gift of brilliant holiday lighting installed by the expert electricians at Mr. Electric® of Birmingham. We can integrate holiday lighting into outdoor and landscape lighting systems for homes and businesses.

Outdoor Holiday Atmosphere Ideas

We’ll start with a consultation appointment, when we’ll talk with you about what kind of atmosphere you want for your home. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Magical Snow – Use icicle lights along the gutters and rooflines, and snowflake lights hanging from tree branches. These lights add depth to the scenery since they hang 6 to 9 inches from the main line. And they look like fresh snow with bright white LED bulbs, or they accent a home with soft blue LED bulbs.
  • Serene – Incandescent holiday lights are the most popular because they cost less and look more traditional. Their light is has a softer, yellow-gold tint to it. Long strands of incandescent lights can be wrapped around trees, railings, columns, poles and other decorations. They do require more power than LED lights, but they come in all kinds of different colors. These lights also are available in bush nets and other specialty configurations.
  • Serious Business – If Santa wanted the best looking, commercial grade lights for his workshop, he would install C7/C9 LED lights not only on the building, but on all of the pathways, trees, and statues. These bulbs are made of thicker plastic or glass. Some are etched in honeycomb patterns that look beautiful even during the day. Because they are larger bulbs made from stronger materials, they can be expensive but they last much longer than incandescent or plastic LEDs.
  • Nostalgic – Large bubble lights are making a comeback from the 50s and 60s. They are glass lights with colored liquid that bubbles as the light gets warm. They aren’t practical for large outdoor displays, but they are good for entryways and indoor lighting.
  • Childhood Fun – Fiber-optic rope lights are great because they can go just about anywhere. Want to illuminate a display of presents under a tree? Outline the present boxes in rope lights. Words, curves, figures – use your imagination! Rope lights are the answer.
  • Year-Round Enjoyment – Why enjoy holiday lighting for a only couple winter months? Add holiday lights to your backyard patio’s outdoor landscape lighting. You can create a totally different mood than harsh floodlights. And you can enjoy the lights throughout the year.

Safe Installation and Operation

You may already have some lights and decorations and know what you want installed. Mr. Electric of Birmingham can give you some ideas to help save energy costs and make sure that the power is distributed properly and safely.

Before we install any holiday lighting system, we plan the power for your display. We can wire the outlets and junctions into the main electrical breaker system so that there is no overload or fire risk. We also include timers to conserve energy while everyone is asleep and during the daytime. For hard-to-reach places in your landscape, we use solar powered lights.

So don’t create your own holiday stress by worrying about putting up the lights and decorations. Let the friendly service professionals at Mr. Electric give you a gift, whether you’re in Alabaster, Hoover, Indian Springs Village, Lake Purdy, Meadowbrook, or Pelham. Call us today for a convenient appointment!