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In honor of National Humor Month, Mr. Electric wants to know how many electricians does it take to screw in a light bulb?  All jokes aside, the professionals at ...Read more

How many homeowners does it take to change a lightbulb? It’s really no joke, the answer is just one. You. But it may require a stepladder to reach it and a screwdriver to remove the light globe. For many of you, this may be a tad more effort than you’ve had the time (or desire) to lend...Read more

Your winter essentials are tucked away for next season, and your spring cleaning routine is nearly complete. From floors to windows, your home is sparkling – but don’t forget to look a little higher to those light fixtures!

Dust, mummified bugs,...Read more

In a time where gadgets and devices are the norm, it’s easy to take electrical inventions for granted. However, innovative thinkers have poured out incredible inventions over the past few decades that require some recognition. In celebration of Inventor’s Month, here’s a look at five of the best...Read more

Are the appliances in your home set up to run safely, or do you often trip a breaker when you attempt to run one too many appliances simultaneously? Frequently tripping a circuit breaker is a sign you could benefit from one or more dedicated circuits in your home.

What Are...Read more

National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day is a celebration of small business around the United States.  Small businesses are a vital part of the economy that offers superior customer service and likely a better product.  Show your support for small businesses and...Read more

Are you looking for a way to brighten up your home while having fun in the process? Try one of these fun and useful crafts to add light to any home!                                                                                       

...Read more

In our last installment on appliances that need dedicated circuits, we’ll address the unsung appliance heroes in your home that often run behind-the-scenes, unnoticed.

You may not notice these appliances (unless something goes wrong), but they still need a dedicated circuit:...Read more

In our last installment on dedicated circuit breakers, we discussed major appliances common in today’s homes that require dedicated circuit breaker protection. Think because the “big guns” are covered, you’re safe? Not so fast - you could still be overloading your electrical system…

...Read more

Breaker tripped? Lights dimming? You might be surprised at the number of appliances in your home that require dedicated circuits - a circuit breaker in your electrical box set aside for the sole purpose of supplying a single appliance with electricity. What type of appliances requires dedicated...Read more