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Think that power strip offers one-size-fits all protection? Think again. Picking up the cheapest, 5-star rated power strip from Amazon probably won’t get the job done when it comes to surge protection. Each...Read more

Are your kids ready for their first year of college? If you think back-to-school shopping means loading up on spiral notebooks and No. 2 pencils, you’re behind the times. These essentials from when you were in college won’t cut it in today’s high-tech classrooms. Help your college-age student...Read more

Whether the problem is an outdated electrical system or one tampered with by an inexperienced DIYer, electrical code violations put your home and family at risk. Discover some violations that often occur and have your home inspected by a reputable electrician to make sure none of them are...Read more

It's common sense that electricity can be dangerous. Nothing increases the risk of electrocution like poor wiring. Whether it's a failure to properly ground a circuit or just a faulty or mistakenly attached wire, not knowing your way around electrical systems can be a recipe for disaster during...Read more

When the terms “heat wave” and “extreme heat” find their way into the headlines on a daily basis, it’s not surprising to see many families looking for ways to prevent higher electric bills while maximizing their air conditioners. To help give you and your air conditioner some relief, we wanted...Read more

Put the safety of your home first. Did you know the leading cause of property damage in the United Sates is fires started by electrical problems? Take accidental electrocutions into consideration. Most of these incidences are the result of inadequate home wiring. Do not make the mistake of...Read more

Does your home have knob and tube wiring? These open wire systems were added to homes with the first electrical installations of the early 1900s through the 1940s, though homes in some jurisdictions allowed...Read more

Some people have a bad habit of leaving the lights on when they exit a room. Some even forget to shut off the lights before they leave the house. Is this a big deal? Find out much energy lights really use.

How Much Energy Does One Light...Read more

The weather is heating up, and with it, so is the load on your electrical system. Don’t let the stress pile up. Protect your electrical system – and your wallet – from the stresses of summer with the help of these simple tips.

Take a Load Off

Is your electrical system bearing...Read more

Do you have any old two prong outlets in your home? These have only two wires running through them: a hot wire and a neutral wire. With no ground wire, you’re left unprotected from stray currents, which can result in electrocution or a power surge through sensitive electronics, often destroying...Read more