What to Look For When You Need a Winnipeg Electrician

When you need electrical repair work in Winnipeg, who do you hire? A competent, expert electrician of course! You want an electrician in Winnipeg with residential electrical experience, local contacts and references you can check. To find such a person, no doubt you would use the local phone book or you’d search for “Winnipeg electrician” in Google. But then what do you do when you find dozens of listings of local electricians?

It’s good to ask some questions before you hire someone. Price alone is no guarantee you’ll receive quality electrical work, so don’t ask that question alone. You want to ask more probing questions that reveal the nature and attitude of those you are enquiring about.

Here is a simple set of questions you can ask each residential electrician you contact.

1) Are you qualified and experienced?

2) Are you certified and licensed to work in my home?

3) Are you neat and professional?

4) Do you offer any guarantees?

5) Will I be charged for any corrections to mistakes that have been made?

6) Will you break down all charges in your bid or will your quote be in one lump sum?

7) Will you accept payment from my insurance company?

8) Will you be doing the work yourself or will you hire a subcontractor?

9) Do you have liability insurance and I indemnified against any damages that might occur?

The answers you get to these questions should help you choose the best Winnipeg electrician who will handle your residential electrical work promptly with the expertise needed for the job.

Common Problems with Residential Electrical Contractors

Most of the problems people have with electrical repairs stem from the fact that a non-qualified electrician is hired. Here are some of the most common problems that people face.

• The electrician doesn’t show up on time as scheduled

• The original quote is way below the amount of the final invoice

• The electrician doesn’t clean up after himself

• The work done unsatisfactorily

• Sub-standard parts are used requiring additional repair in the near future

These problems can be solved by asking the proper questions and following up on any references given. Not all Winnipeg electricians are the same. Be sure you pick one who is dependable, trustworthy and who knows what they are doing.

Price Comparison is Not the Best Way to Shop for a Winnipeg Electrician

People are prone to price-shop when searching for a residential electrician, and understandably so. Everyone wants to save money and frankly, spending money on an electrician is not something we really want to do. It’s something we have to do when some electrical repair or addition is needed.

But price shopping isn’t the best criteria to use when dealing with jobs that require professional expertise. A less competent Winnipeg electrician will usually charge less than a competent one, but in the end, you could end up paying much, much more.

If you are in need of a Winnipeg electrician, we suggest you follow the guidelines in this article so you get the service you can depend on.