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Electric Installation in Greater Riverside, CA

If you live in Riverside or a surrounding community, you can reach out to Mr. Electric of Riverside for electrical installation service. We can provide you with a solution for any situation, and we'll give you a free in-home quote and an overview of what needs to be done before we start any work.

Looking Out for You

As we're making progress with your job, we'll make sure we check everything over to ensure that what we're doing complies with industry standards. We'd be happy to update your wiring or electrical panel. Our electricians will bring a variety of tools and supplies with them so that they'll have what they need on hand. We can also provide you with energy audits and solar solutions to help you save on your utility bills.

Contact Mr. Electric of Riverside to set up your appointment with one of our technicians. We travel throughout Riverside, CA, to assist property owners with electrical installations. We can show you why so many people have turned to us, and we'll be the service that you can count on.