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Phoenix Metro

Electric Repair in Tempe, AZ

electrical repair services in Phoenix Metro areaWhile some jobs are perfect for ambitious weekend warriors and intrepid do-it-yourselfers, electric repairs are not. Electricity is dangerous, and repairing electrical problems is a job best left to the professionals at Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro. We offer convenient appointment times and emergency services to provide help and support even when problems occur at inconvenient times. If you've got an electrical problem anywhere in Phoenix, AZ, we'll be happy to come and help.

We Provide Both Home and Commercial Service

Whether you're at home when trouble strikes or putting in some extra hours at work, we're able to provide you with the emergency help you need. Our licensed electricians are fully prepared to handle both residential and commercial electrical issues, so we can help wherever trouble strikes.

When you work with Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro, you'll get the support of a global name that's been in business since 1994. Our facility is ready to dispatch help to Phoenix, Tempe, Casa Grande, and Scottsdale whenever we're needed. Call today (480) 503-1339 to schedule your electric repair or to get a free estimate for your job.