Home Electrical Improvements

Electrical upgrades and improvements offer a variety of benefits. They can help you conserve energy and save money while improving the value and status of your home, as well as transform your space and increase safety and security.

Home Lighting Design

The quality custom home lighting design from Mr. Electric can create the perfect atmosphere in or outside your home, from safety and security to mood and décor. Our electricians are skilled at finding the perfect balance to transform your home and fit your needs.

A new light build in home lighting design.

Exhaust Fan Installation

Exhaust fans divert unpleasant odors as well as control temperature and moisture that could lead to damage, mould, and mildew in your home. You can trust in Mr. Electric for the professional installation and proper sizing that are key to safe, efficient exhaust fan operation.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical panel upgrades are a necessity in preventing electrical issues resulting from the addition of modern, technologically advanced appliances to older homes. In addition, today’s electrical panels offer far more reliability and safety than their outdated predecessors.

Circuit Breaker Replacements

Sufficient electrical capacity is necessary for the proper function of electrical appliances or devices on a circuit without tripping a breaker or blowing a fuse. In some cases, circuit breaker replacement may remedy overload issues without the need for an electrical panel upgrade, effectively handling electrical needs and preventing electrical fires.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Don’t let their looks fool you – ceiling fans are heavy, and installations can be long and complicated. Save your back and your patience for other endeavors with prompt, professional installation by Mr. Electric.

EV Charger Installation

Own a hybrid or electric vehicle? Professionally installed charging stations offer convenience and safety for both your vehicle and your home. Check out our wide range of product solutions including charging stations and circuit protection equipment for all of your hybrid or battery powered electric vehicle needs.   

Other Services

  • Electrical inspections
  • Ballast and bulb replacement
  • Transformer installation
  • Wireless lighting controls
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Data and communication lines
  • Hi-tech troubleshooting
  • Hot tub and sauna installation

Is your laundry list of home electrical upgrades and improvements dragging you down? Mr. Electric can help! Contact us today. Our professional electricians provide the expert installation and reliable maintenance you need for a modern, efficient, and safe home.