Commercial Energy Savings and Audits

Don’t let unnecessary energy costs take a chunk out of your bottom line. Each year more and more businesses think smart by making the switch to energy efficient electric solutions. From the light bulbs you use to the way you control the flow of energy into and out of your business, improve efficiency and save energy and money with the help of a commercial energy audit from Mr. Electric®.

Solar panels on commercial buildings.

With the help of the service professionals at Mr. Electric, a room to room commercial electrical energy audit can be performed, examining how efficiently your business utilizes energy as well as how to reduce its use, improving efficiency. By assessing your current energy efficiency level and taking into account the type of results you would like to achieve, Mr. Electric will then develop a custom plan based on the condition of your business to help you achieve energy efficiency and savings goals.

A commercial electrical energy audit can help:

  • Reduce unnecessary energy consumption and increase profits.
  • Provide more stable temperatures.
  • Increase lighting quality.
  • Improve safety.
  • Protect the environment from fossil fuel pollution.
  • Ensure a more secure energy future for Canada.
  • Add function and style to your business.

Solar Energy Systems

Solar powered energy solutions lower energy costs as well as help protect the environment. From stand-alone off-the-grid systems to grid-connected and backup power solutions, learn more about how solar energy can work for your business.

Energy Saving Lighting Solutions

Commercial operations utilize and rely on lighting far more than their residential counterparts. Keep costs under control and provide the right lighting for necessary tasks with the help of Mr. Electric and the array of affordable energy efficient lighting solutions available on the market today.

Wireless Lighting Controls

Wireless lighting solutions put automation, metering, costs, and convenience in your hands – literally – with the help of remote controls, automation, and smart device apps.

Contact Mr. Electric and start saving today! Our professionals are experts at saving your business money on all things electrical, helping you yield the best energy saving benefits for your business.