Circuit Breaker Replacement Services in Lubbock, TX

Mr. Electric of Lubbock, TX electrician working on a circuit breaker.

Our Experts Make Replacing Circuit Breakers Look Easy

Is your circuit breaker too old to keep up with the current demands of your home or business’s electrical system? When you need your circuit breaker replaced, the licensed electricians at Mr. Electric of Lubbock can help. Our team of highly experienced electricians has been providing circuit breaker replacement and upgrades for home and business owners throughout Lubbock, TX and the surrounding areas for years.

As technology advances rapidly and the electrical system within your home or business ages, it’s more important now than ever to ensure your circuit is upgraded to safely support your current and future electrical needs. Whether you’ve experienced some early warning signs or want to have your current circuits inspected by an experienced professional, our electricians can assist you with a cost-effective circuit breaker inspection and replacement. Reach out to our friendly team in Lubbock, TX today!

What Is an Electrical Circuit Overload? How Can I Prevent It?

When more electricity travels through an electrical wire than the circuit can handle, electrical circuit overloads can result. For example, if you’re running your hair dryer from the same outlet another gadget is plugged into, your circuit might not have enough amperage to support both devices. This can cause your circuit breaker to be tripped, cutting power to all the devices plugged into that outlet.

To avoid tripping your circuit, outlets and wiring should be upgraded to have enough capacity for all your electrical needs. The licensed electricians at Mr. Electric of Lubbock provide professional circuit breaker upgrades and replacements for residential and commercial customers. 

When Should I Replace or Upgrade My Circuits?

At Mr. Electric of Lubbock, our licensed electricians understand the importance of ensuring the electrical circuits in your home or business are upgraded effectively. Protecting your family, employees, technology, and property is worth the investment of having our professional electricians inspect your electrical system and replace your circuits. We’ll find cost-effective solutions for all your needs. Some of the common reasons you should replace your circuits include:

  • Overloaded Outlets – Do your circuit breakers trip often? This could be a sign it’s time for professional circuit breaker replacement. The licensed electricians at Mr. Electric can help.
  • Security Systems – If you plan on installing a new security system to protect your residential or commercial property in Lubbock, our team can help ensure your circuit breaker is connected to your home’s electrical system.
  • Specialty Lighting – The licensed electricians at Mr. Electric of Lubbock can ensure outdoor, and specialty lighting fixtures are properly connected to your circuit.
  • Appliances – If you want to add more appliances to your home or business but have nowhere to plug them in, our expert electricians can find a solution.
  • Additional Outdoor Electricity – If you’re enhancing your residential or commercial property’s outdoor space by adding things like landscape lighting, an irrigation system, or a ceiling fan under your back patio that will be connected to your circuit, we can help ensure the installation process goes smoothly.
  • Ceiling Fans – The licensed electricians at Mr. Electric of Lubbock can find quick solutions for ceiling fan customization services.
  • Emergency Generator Installation – Do you want to have a reliable backup power supply for your home or business? Our electricians can ensure your emergency generator has a dedicated sub-panel of its own to use efficiently when necessary. 
  • Home Entertainment Centers – Home entertainment systems require a substantial electricity demand to continue running. Are the circuits in your home or business able to keep up with all its energy demands?
  • Home Office Equipment – Do you need additional power outlets to support the electrical needs of your home office? Our team of electricians can help.
  • Garage or Workshop – The team at Mr. Electric of Lubbock can install additional outlets in your workspace or garage to make the area more functional.
  • Home Efficiency Upgrades – Are you planning to install solar panels or an electric vehicle charging station at your residential or commercial property? You’ll need our professional assistance to ensure your electrical system can handle the extra load it will take on.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Circuit Breakers?

Our residential and commercial circuit breaker replacement services in Lubbock, TX are priced individually, and the cost depends on a few key factors, including:

  • Location – Each Mr. Electric location is independently owned, and each local owner sets their own rates. Call your local Mr. Electric of Lubbock for estimates on a broad range of high-quality electrical services.
  • Site Conditions – If the existing wiring and conduits at the installation site need work done before a safe circuit breaker replacement can be completed, the price of the replacement service will be higher. 
  • Scope of the Project – The cost of your circuit breaker replacement service will vary based on the scope of the project and all it entails.

Professional Circuit Breaker Installation

At Mr. Electric of Lubbock, safety is our top priority. While some home and business owners might be tempted to confront electrical issues without help, hiring a professional, licensed electrician for any electrical upgrade, repair, or replacement services is essential. Circuit breakers must be installed to code for your insurance policy and standards for safety. 

Contact Us for Premier Circuit Breaker Replacement 

Whether the circuit breaker in your home or business in Lubbock, TX needs to be replaced, repaired, or upgraded, our experienced electricians are committed to ensuring you get the high-quality workmanship you deserve.

We'll thoroughly inspect your current residential or commercial electrical system to determine whether you're a good candidate for repair or replacement. We'll find cost-effective and reliable solutions if we recommend replacing your circuit breaker. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our friendly team!