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Beautify Your Home With Custom Landscape Lighting

Have you considered how adding attractive outdoor landscape lighting to your residential or commercial property can benefit you? The team at Mr. Electric of Inglewood believes outdoor landscape lighting installations at your property can dramatically improve your grounds’ safety and appearance, no matter what its size, shape, or elevation may be. Our local company offers complete landscape lighting design solutions throughout Inglewood, CA, Lennox, CA, and the surrounding areas. We can enhance nearly any property’s beauty, value, and security. Furthermore, our expert electrical team provides superior workmanship, close attention to detail, and an exceptional customer service experience on all projects. Our seasoned and licensed electricians maintain a shared commitment to providing every customer with the quality and professionalism they want and deserve when it comes to making custom landscape lighting visions a reality. Besides performing outstanding outdoor landscape lighting installation services, our service professionals are highly experienced in a broad range of residential and commercial electrical services for homes and businesses throughout the Inglewood area.

Mr. Electric electrician walking to customer's home to install landscape lighting

Why Add Outdoor Landscape Lighting to Your Property?

Mr. Electric of Inglewood is well-versed in the many reasons property owners decide to enhance their landscapes with professional lighting. We’ve listed several benefits below that you can gain by adding beautiful outdoor landscape lighting to your California property:

Ambiance & Entertainment

By having our team install outdoor landscape lighting, you can transform a mundane outdoor space into an ideal atmosphere for outdoor entertainment. You may want to illuminate a garden or pool deck on a corporate campus, or you could make your professional landscape safer for people to explore and enjoy at night. Landscape lighting sets the tone for any get-together, occasion, or time with your family, giving guests a memorable experience.


Enhancing your residential or commercial property’s architecture and showcasing its natural beauty is easier than you realize with the appropriate lighting. You can let visitors and guests enjoy a perfect outdoor ambiance around your property at any time, whether they come on a sunny afternoon or after the stars come out and shine. Our installation experts skillfully place landscape lighting features to enhance an outdoor space’s natural textures and shapes.


Lighting a residential or commercial property effectively deters unwanted intruders and decreases crime by making your outdoor spaces visible at all hours. While lighting can’t always stop crime from occurring, statistics show that a well-lit property has a much better chance of deterring unwanted guests.


Your risk of accidents in your garden or yard decreases when you keep these areas well-lit. Outdoor landscape lighting makes pathways, stairs, and other potentially hazardous features and areas around your property visible after natural light is dim or gone for the night, letting you navigate outdoor spaces safely while enjoying their beauty.

Added Home Value

Landscape lighting installed by a professional adds value to your property while making it look more appealing to potential homebuyers if you plan to sell it. This electrical service does more than enhance your property’s appearance. It is also a home or business investment that improves your residential or commercial property’s security and serenity. You can also save on monthly energy costs by investing in low-voltage landscape lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Options

Mr. Electric of Inglewood installs a wide selection of outdoor landscape lighting to fit your individual needs. You might need to install new lighting or choose to upgrade the outdoor lighting you already have for your landscape. We offer several lighting options according to your needs and budget. Below, you can read through some of the outdoor lighting types we can install to improve your outdoor space:

Security Lighting

A well-lit area effectively deters criminal activity on your property and helps keep it secure. Our electrical experts install many types of security lighting, such as floodlights, motion lights, and pathway lighting, that we strategically place to get the best possible results. We can combine our cutting-edge security lighting options with your property’s smart security system.

Standard Exterior Lighting

Whether you have a new home under construction or are revamping an existing property, our friendly and knowledgeable team will gladly install premium exterior lighting, which can include lights around your windows, doors, and entryways.

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lighting installations help people stay safe while walking around your property at night. Besides its safety benefits, pathway lighting enhances nearly any outdoor space’s natural beauty.

Tree Lighting

Illuminating your property’s beautiful trees and improving your yard with a moonlight flow are excellent methods to improve your residential or commercial lawn and landscaping’s appearance.

Outdoor Living Space Lighting

If your property features an outdoor living space, it’s essential to make guests feel welcome and comfortable at all hours, including under the dark shroud of night. You’ll enjoy entertaining visitors and guests after our team adds beautiful outdoor living space lighting to illuminate and enhance your landscaping.

Contact Our Team Today to Enhance Your Landscape

You can’t truly finish your property without having Mr. Electric of Inglewood install your outdoor landscape lighting in and around Lennox and Inglewood, CA. When enhancing your commercial or residential property’s natural beauty with landscape lighting is on your to-do list, you can count on our lighting experts to help you with every step of your project. Your outdoor electrical job may include installing new lighting or upgrading your existing lighting. We'll gladly discuss your vision and needs, walk you through the lighting process, and help make your property dreams come true. Get in touch with us today schedule an appointment or speak with our service professionals about outdoor landscape lighting ideas for your home or business.