Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades in Inglewood, CA

Professional Electrical Panel Installation

Mr. Electric of Inglewood offers professional commercial electrical panel upgrades for Inglewood, CA, business owners. We understand as structures age, the electrical panel struggles to keep up with the increasing energy needs. Modern businesses depend on innovative technology backed by high-energy needs. It’s important for your electrical system to keep up with these high energy demands. We’ll handle all your commercial electrical panel upgrades. Contact us to learn more.

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Why is an Electrical Panel Important?

Electrical panels in your business help to regulate the flow of electricity and provide electricity to your equipment. The electrical panel is a metal box with a door that houses your business’ circuit breaker switches. An electrical meter outside sends power to your business that routes to your electrical panel. When your business demands too much energy, the circuit breaker within the electrical panel will trip to stop the additional electricity from overlading the wires. It’s critical to have electrical panel updates to ensure you’re on top of electrical safety for your company. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) require commercial electrical panels to have a “dead front” that protects live parts from getting exposed to anyone operating it to help prevent electric shock.

Signs of a Failing Commercial Electrical Panel

Most companies use multiple pieces of electronic equipment that require specialty outlets and dedicated circuits. A new electrical panel installation ensures these pieces of equipment are up to code and perform well. When older circuits start to wear down, you may notice signs of failure. When your company’s electrical panel is defective, you’ll notice circuit breakers often trip. If the failing electrical panel gets to the point it will no longer work effectively, your circuit breakers may fail to trip, and your employees are at risk of electric shock. The most common signs that it’s time for a commercial electrical panel include the following:

  • Your electrical panel makes crackling sounds.
  • The electrical panel interior is warm to the touch.
  • You see visible rust or corrosion on your circuit breakers.
  • You notice appliances do not run at full power.
  • You have a 60-amp electrical service. 
  • Your appliances will not all work even when you have a 100-amp electrical service.
  • Your current electrical panel is over 25 years old.
  • Your business has a split-bus or fuse block panel without a main breaker. 

Repairing vs. Replacing Electrical Panel

Mr. Electric of Inglewood’s service professionals try to find an effective electrical panel repair before determining you need a replacement. We ensure your system functions safely. We inspect the electrical panel, your structure, and your energy demands to make an informed decision. Our experts also consider your electrical panel’s age, safety measures, and reliability.

Can I Install an Electrical Panel Myself?

Installation and maintenance of an electrical panel need to be left to service professionals. Mr. Electric of Inglewood’s service professionals will ensure the following:

  • You have the right size electrical panel for your energy needs.
  • All approvals and local planning permits are received.
  • Installation of wiring meets current local and federal codes.
  • Damaged wiring is repaired and replaced if necessary.
  • All appropriate materials are used, including proper grounding with copper.
  • Explanation of your new electrical system.

Choosing Mr. Electric of Inglewood

Mr. Electric of Inglewood will ensure your electrical panel is upgraded and in the best possible health. An updated electrical panel will help keep your electricity flowing without fear of breaking circuits. We can help determine if you need a new electrical panel or simple updates. Our team always puts your safety first, so you can trust us with all your electrical needs.

Contact Us for Electrical Panel Upgrades

Mr. Electric of Inglewood updates old electrical panels and installs new ones in Inglewood and Lennox, CA. The best way to know if your commercial structure needs a new electrical panel is by scheduling a safety inspection check. Our team will determine the amount of power that is currently used on your electrical circuits. We install new electrical panels that meet your local and state regulations. Mr. Electric of Inglewood provides honest pricing for our services. We back our work with a guarantee. Contact us today to request an estimate on electrical panel upgrades.