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We Upgrade Electrical Systems in Lennox, CA

When your aging electrical system cannot handle the electrical needs of today’s technology, trust our team to upgrade your home. Mr. Electric of Inglewood provides circuit installations and updates in Inglewood, CA. We’ll upgrade your circuitry to ensure it can safely support your electrical needs. Our service professionals will inspect your current electrical system to determine if you need circuit installation updates. Our team always puts your safety first and wants to ensure your circuit panel is safe. If you’re not sure if your electrical system can stand up to your modern appliances, reach out to us for help. Contact us today to learn more about our circuit install and updates.

Mr. Electric electrician working on a circuit breaker

Signs It’s Time to Install New Circuits

The most obvious sign that it’s time to install a new circuit is when your electrical panel cannot handle the needs of your new technology. The most common signs you need circuit updates include the following:

  • Power Draw Problems – When you plug in a new refrigerator or vacuum cleaner that draws a large amount of power, and your lights start to flicker, your circuit is having trouble keeping up with your electrical panel’s need for power.
  • Circuit Overload – When your circuit breaker constantly trips, it indicates an overloaded or short circuit.
  • Warm Outlets – Too much power flowing through a circuit can cause your breaker and outlets to get warm, possibly leading to an electrical fire.

The Importance of Updated Circuits

Updated circuits in your home help your electrical panel keep up with the needs of modern technology. Installing new circuits helps keep your home safe because it allows a higher power capacity and lowers the risk of electrical fires and circuit overloads. Circuit installation updates can include replacing the wires, circuit breaker, and outlets. Your circuits should be able to handle the growing electrical demands of your modern household. It’s critical to leave circuit installation to the professionals because working with electricity is unsafe without proper training.

Most Common Reasons for Circuit Installation Services

We understand it can be difficult to know when your electrical circuits need an update. Our service professionals want you to understand the costs to install new electrical circuits are priceless compared to the loss of your home to an electrical fire. The most common reasons many people choose to install or update their circuits include the following:

  • Specialty Lighting – Many homeowners get updated circuits when they need additional electricity to power mood lighting, recessed lighting task lighting, wall sconces, and other specialty lighting installations.
  • Home Efficiency Upgrades – Home efficient upgrades like solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations need an energy boost.
  • Security Systems – The control panel of a home security system needs supportive circuits to help prevent break-ins and keep your home safe.
  • Additional Outdoor Electricity – Outdoor additions that typically need more power include swimming pools, spas, steam rooms, and new sprinkler systems.
  • Appliances – Modern appliances often require a high amount of electricity for optimal performance.
  • Garage or Workshop – If you love spending time building and playing in a workshop, you may need additional electricity for function.

Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

Mr. Electric of Inglewood does our best to ensure the energy efficiency of your home is optimal. We understand you need an electrical system that doesn’t consume too much power. We review all connections to determine if there is a problem that may present a risk to your home. We know how much energy your systems should consume. It’s critical to schedule a circuit system appointment to check for any signs of distress on your electrical system. We’ll ensure your circuits are helping the energy efficiency of your home instead of consuming it and help lower the risk of an electrical fire.

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When you need an updated electrical capacity, you can trust Mr. Electric of Inglewood. We offer flexible scheduling and always arrive on time. We can install and update circuits in Lennox and Inglewood, CA. We offer in-home estimates and always give you upfront pricing without any surprises. We provide electrical home inspections to completely inspect your home’s electrical system and check for any issues or needed upgrades. Contact us today to schedule circuit installation and update services.