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Electrical Installation in Metro Fort Worth - Burleson, TX

The licensed electricians at Mr. Electric are ready to take care of any electrical circuit installation for your home or business. Our professionals have the experience and training to make sure that your electrical system is installed in compliance with local building code regulations and safety rules. Don’t let a handyman play with your electrical system, and certainly don’t attempt electrical circuit installations on your own. Electricity poses a real fire danger, not to mention the possibility of electrocution. The electricians at Mr. Electric have the right equipment and safety protection to handle any electrical issue for you. They can determine if your electrical system can be upgraded when you want to add large appliances. A new HVAC system, hot tub, refrigerator or lighting could overload the electrical system and put your property at risk. If you’re adding a room on to your home or partitioning a room in an office area, our electricians will know if the renovation will need a dedicated circuit to handle the additional lighting, appliances and computer hardware.

Complex Electrical Installations

Installing a new light fixture sounds easy enough. Cut a hole in the ceiling, attach the junction box, attach the light, and thread a wire through the attic into a wall switch. But wait, that’s where things can get more complex. Will the circuit handle the additional power? What if you want a dimmer switch and you want to connect the light to your home automation system? Now a simple light installation becomes much more complex. The professional, general electricians at Mr. Electric can save you a lot of time and money when you want new electrical appliances and products installed in your home.

As an electrical contractor, Mr. Electric can install appliances, circuits and switches in homes and business:

  • Residential or commercial energy-saving lighting and thermostat automation technology
  • Dedicated electrical circuits for HVAC systems, hot tubs, home security, and other major appliances
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors with security systems
  • Whole home and business backup reserve power generators
  • USB wall outlets for computer, phone and gadget chargers
  • GFCI breaker outlets near sinks, tubs and other water areas
  • Track, spotlight and recessed lighting and switches
  • Electric vehicle charging stations in garages
  • Protected electrical outlets on exterior walls
  • Landscape lighting systems with dedicated circuits, timers and switches
  • Outdoor spotlights, lamps and other security lighting
  • Surge protectors for efficient, clean power
  • Power consumption meters
  • Main electrical panels and breaker boxes

Electrical Panel and Breaker Box Installations

Electrical switch panels should only be serviced by a licensed, general electrician like Mr. Electric. Electrical panels route power to your home or office circuits through breaker switches, which turn off power or “trip” when too much power overloads the circuit. Breaker boxes protect the electrical switch panels and the main power line that runs into the home from the electrical utility company’s power lines. Electrical panels not only route power, they protect the home from overloads that cause fires.

Never touch the inside of an electrical panel, because you could be electrocuted. Leave electrical panel installations and repairs to the experts at Mr. Electric. Our electricians know how much power the circuits can handle. Depending on the products you want to install, the electrical panel may need to be upgraded or replaced.

If you are replacing an electrical panel, plan for the future by adding a dedicated panel for temporary power generators, or even a whole home reserve power generator. Protect your home or business when there is a major power outage or weather disaster with a system-installed backup generator.

Our Pledge to Your Safety

Mr. Electric of Fort Worth and Burleson has emergency local electricians ready 24/7 to protect your property’s safety and security by restoring power as soon as possible. We are the general electrician of choice for electrical installations in metro Fort Worth, including Aledo, Benbrook, Burleson, Crowley, Everman and Saginaw. The professionals at Mr. Electric will take good care of all your electrical improvements. We have the power to make things better! Call us today!