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Electrical Repair in Metro Fort Worth and Burleson, TX

Mr. Electric of Fort Worth is ready day or night to fix all of your electrical repairs. Our trained and licensed general electricians will provide the highest quality work that exceeds local regulations and building codes. You can be confident in our professionalism because we’re committed to world-class customer service with the respect you deserve.

When electricians from Mr. Electric arrive at your home or business, they will assess the specific electrical problem as well as the whole electrical system in general. Your single issue might actually be a symptom of a much larger and dangerous problem. Then our electricians will describe exactly what the issues are and what they will do during their electrical repairs. At the same time, they will explain any upgrades that you should make to keep your home or business safe and up to building codes. Mr. Electric electricians will not start work until you have an up-front, accurate estimate to approve. You will know the price before your electrician begins the repairs. The job isn’t done until a full system inspection is completed.

Dangerous Electrical Symptoms

Remember, one electrical issue could be a symptom of a larger, more dangerous problem. There are many electrical symptoms that are signals that a serious electrical repair may be necessary.

  • Brownouts – lights dim for a short time
  • Flickering Lights –lights turn on and off quickly
  • Power Surges – lights flash brightly, then return to normal or burn out
  • Frequent Tripped Circuit Breakers – electrical panel switches often cut power to the circuit for no apparent reason
  • Scorched Outlets – an outlet cover plate has brown or grey stains on the wall
  • Lightning – a lightning strike on or near the building can damage circuits, short out appliances, and damage electrical panels
  • Power Outage – the main electrical panel shuts down power to the whole building

Outlets, Circuits and Electrical Panel Repairs

If you experience any of the symptoms above, call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth before you start to troubleshoot and attempt to make electrical repairs yourself. As licensed electrical contractors, our electricians can repair and install both residential and commercial electrical systems. For example, Mr. Electric electricians know how much power the circuit wires and switch panels should be able to handle. A short circuit could overheat a system and start a fire if the wrong wires and switches are installed. Our electricians are trained to know how to read electrical system plans and use the right wires, outlets and panels for your building’s system.

Your electrical system’s outlets should have more than enough electrical capacity to handle power surges without affecting the lights or appliances. Outlets near water sources should have GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) switches inside to prevent electric shocks and surges. A GFCI outlet cuts electricity to the outlet when anything plugged into it comes into contact with water. If you live in an older home or have an older business, you should upgrade your outlets at the same time repairs are completed. You also may want to exchange older outlets for USB-ready outlets to recharge smartphones without overloading a power strip.

Prevent Future Electrical Repairs

Power surges often cause future electrical repair symptoms, including flickering, brownouts and burn scorches. Often, you can’t see the damage power surges have caused to electrical system wiring. A severe power surge can damage smartphones, computers, televisions, microwave ovens, and other appliances. If that is the case, chances are there is unseen damage to circuit wiring as well.

The next time you need an electrical repair, Mr. Electric of Fort Worth can add a surge protection system to the main electrical panel. This protects the electrical system at the main power source, instead of using power strips with breaker switches. When they assess your system, our electricians will be able to tell you if the building needs a main line surge protector, or multiple dedicated circuit surge protectors. If your home has a hot tub, for example, you may want to protect the hot tub equipment, but you may not need a complete system surge protector for the whole home. Of course, a whole home surge protector would give you peace of mind no matter what, to prevent unwanted electrical damage and repairs.

Electrical Repair Experts

Mr. Electric of Fort Worth is the local electrician of choice throughout the metro area, including Aledo, Benbrook, Burleson, Crowley, Everman and Saginaw. We care about your home and business, but more importantly we care about you and the people who depend on you for safe electrical systems.

The experts at Mr. Electric can handle all of your electrical repairs and improvements. We have the power to make things better!