Electrical Repair

Ceiling fans are one of those household devices we take for granted – until they stop working. Ceiling fan repairs are a good alternative to replacing the whole fan. Many components of ceiling fans can be fixed quickly and affordably. If you still like your fan but it’s just not working right, contact your local repair service for assistance.

Your electrical panel controls the electricity flowing to all areas of your home. Keeping it in good working order will ensure that your lights, appliances and electronics will work when you need them to. Get your aging or damaged electric panel repaired as soon as possible to keep your family comfortable and safe.

If you find yourself looking for an emergency electrician, your day probably didn’t go as planned. Maybe you noticed soot on one of your electrical outlets. Perhaps one spit out sparks when you tried to plug something into it. Maybe you lost power in part of your house, and resetting your circuit breakers didn’t help. Whatever the case, an electrical emergency is something no one wants to deal with. Recognizing that you need prompt assistance is an excellent start. Mr. Electric has emergency electricians ready to respond to urgent electrical problems day and night. Call (844) 866-1367 to connect with your local emergency electrician.

A good lighting repair company can perform commercial and residential repair services in a timely manner. Flickering fluorescent lights, broken light switches, and old wiring are no match for lighting repair professionals. When your office’s can lights die, or when it’s time to replace your home’s landscape lighting, you can trust Mr. Electric to tackle the job right the first time.