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Why You Need to Upgrade Your Outlets

Out-of-date outlets can be a safety hazard for your home. Old two-pronged or ungrounded outlets can cause electrical shock because excess electrical charges have nowhere to go but into your devices- or you! Even with a surge protector, ungrounded outlets can damage your electronics.  The following outlets are the current standard for electrical safety in homes.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs)

What they do: They stop the flow of electricity when water, or any sort of imbalance, is present.

Why you need them: These outlets protect you from shocks and electrocution associated with water and other dangers.

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs)

What they do: These outlets can detect when an arc fault is forming (this is when overheated or damaged wires cause an arc of heat). Once the arc is detected, the outlet shuts down.

Why you need them: Arc faults can cause home fires and can be difficult to detect.

Childproof Outlets

What they do: These outlets only provide electricity if an equal amount of pressure is applied to all three prongs at the same time.  

Why you need them: If children stick an object into an older, two-pronged outlet, they are at high risk for electrical injury.

These are the most important outlet upgrades to make if the outlets in your home are outdated. Other outlet upgrades include USB outlets, nightlight outlets and more. Call us today if you want to ensure the outlets in your home are keeping you safe! 

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