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The Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Air conditioning is great, but ceiling fans can be just as useful and cost effective. Here are some reasons to get ceiling fans for your home:

  • Ceiling fans use less energy than air conditioners and can help lower your energy bill up to 40 percent. Energy Star-certified fans are 50 percent more efficient than other models.
  • Ceiling fans keep rooms from becoming "stuffy" by allowing air to circulate.
  • Fans help keep mosquitoes, flies and other insects at bay.
  • While a ceiling fan cannot technically lower the temperature in a room, the wind chill created by the blades can help you feel cooler.
  • Certain ceiling fans can function as a central light fixture in a room.
  • Ceiling fans can also be used for heating purposes when rotated in a clockwise direction, as they help distribute warm air.
  • Ceiling fans are a great way to provide outdoor cooling for patio areas.

Different types of ceiling fans include:

  • Traditional: usually more formal or ornate
  • Transitional: a mix of traditional and contemporary design
  • Modern: minimalist and sleek design
  • Outdoor: used on porches and patios
  • Decorative: add to the design aspect of the surrounding space

If you have questions about choosing the right ceiling fan for your home, contact our expert electricians or click here for more information.