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Shed Some Light in Your Living Room

The living room is the part of the house where you entertain guests, spend time together with family and simply relax. You can make your living room more live-able by making adjustments to the lighting. Different types of lighting can create different atmospheres and different levels of comfort. The following lighting options can improve your living space.

  • Ceiling fan lights: This is a multifunctional way to provide light to the center of the room while simultaneously keeping the room cool.
  • Pendant lights: This source of light works best in living rooms with high ceilings. Pendant lights are fixtures hung down from the ceiling, such as chandeliers. They provide plenty of light while also functioning as a decorative piece.
  • Recessed lighting: This one of the most common sources of light for a living area. These lights can be placed overhead directly where you need light additional light.
  • Track lightingDepending on the number of light fixtures installed on the track, this type of lighting can serve as the room’s primary source of light or as simple accent lighting. These lights can be pointed straight down to illuminate the entire room, or can be pointed at specific points on the wall to highlight art.
  • Scones: These are lighting fixtures that attach directly to the wall. They are often mounted on either side of a fireplace or entertainment center at some central point of the room. This type of lighting works best as an accent piece rather than a main source of light. They come in many styles and can be decorative or simple.

Installing one or more of these types of lighting can be both functional and decorative in your living room. You can also use lamps and other light fixtures. Check out this post from for more tips on lighting your living spaces.

Photo credit: Vu Dang Khoi