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Lighting Your Kitchen

Many people would argue that the kitchen is the heart of the home. The kitchen is where you cook the meals that will power your day and bring comfort to your family and friends. It is important to have a well-lit kitchen for cooking, cleaning and eating. Here are a few ideas for kitchen lighting that are both functional and appealing:

  1. Under Cabinet Lights- These lights are installed underneath the entire length of your cabinets. They can be installed in the form of thin rope lights, LED strips, fluorescent strips or round, puck lights.
  2. Recessed Down Lights- These simple lights provide great task lighting for cooking. They work especially great when installed directly over a kitchen island.
  3. Pendant Lights – These light fixtures hang down from the ceiling and also work well over a kitchen island. You can choose pendant fixtures that match the design of your kitchen or that add a pop of color to the room.
  4. Chandeliers – These light fixtures are becoming more popular in the kitchen as they can light up the room while also adding some décor. Small, simple chandeliers can be hung in the center of the kitchen or over the sink area.
  5. Accent lights – These lights are placed in specific areas in the kitchen to illuminate China, glassware and other architecture or special items in the kitchen.

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