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Electrical Safety Outside the Home

There can be just as many electrical safety hazards outside of your home as there are inside. Whether you are out doing yard work or simply relaxing on your patio, it is important to know how you can prevent electrical injury. Here are a few tips that can keep you safe while outdoors:

  1. Always keep electronics and electrical cords away from pools, spas or other wet areas.
  2. If you are doing work on your home, make sure you (or your tools) are at least 10 feet away from any power lines.
  3. Check your power tools and lawn mowers for frayed cords before each use. Don’t use any equipment that has damaged cords or plugs.
  4. Make sure your extension cords are designed for outdoor use.
  5. Make sure it is completely dry outside when mowing the lawn or using electrical equipment. Even small amounts of dew in the grass can be a threat of electrical shock.
  6. If you have a garden pond, be sure the electric water pump has been properly installed and keep it well maintained. Poorly installed or maintained water pumps can cause injury or even death.
  7. Be sure that all outdoor lighting around your home is weatherproof.
  8. All of your outdoor outlets should be GFCI protected.

These are just a few of the ways to be safe with electricity outdoors. For more information on electrical safety outside of the home, you can check out these resources from Electrical Safety Foundation International.

Photo Credit: Skitterphoto