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Ceiling Fan Installations- Should You Hire an Electrician?

We all love the feeling of completing a home “Do-It-Yourself” project, especially when it’s something you put off for a long time. There so many creative DIY projects you can do to improve your home, but just because something looks like a simple task doesn’t necessarily mean you should do it yourself! Sometimes it’s a good idea to have a professional help you with home improvement projects. One of those projects that is better done by a professional is a ceiling fan installation. Some people prefer to do this on their own, but here are some reasons you may want your ceiling fan installed by a professional:

  1. Faulty wiring of a fan can lead to a house fire. A professional electrician understands how to properly wire and install a fan according to code, which can prevent a fire.
  2. A professional with lots of experience will be able to install the fan quickly and efficiently, and that means more free time for you!
  3. Poor ceiling fan installation can damage your home. A professional electrician will know how to make sure the fan has proper buffering so it will not damage the ceiling or any other parts of the room.
  4. A skilled electrical can wire a good electrical connection to ensure an electrical short won’t occur in your system.
  5. Different types of fans may require a different kind of ceiling box. Of course, you are welcome to do your own research, but a professional electrician will know exactly which type of box to install and can have this available for you.

As always, when hiring an electrician, make sure you choose a professional! Our Mr. Electric technicians are licensed and certified, and can provide everything you need for a ceiling fan installation.