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Ventura County

Brighten Up Your Summer

Summer is here and so are the pool parties, barbeques and other outdoor events. Whether you are planning to host an event in your yard or simply want to enjoy an evening meal on your patio, you will definitely want to consider outdoor lighting. The following options will provide the perfect ambiance for your outdoor needs:

  • String lighting: These lights are generally used for holiday decorating, but they can add sparkle and mood to any outdoor setting, such as trees, pergolas, furniture and more. They can also be used to guide your guests when used to line fences or railings.
  • Carriage lighting: These decorative lights are used outside of homes to light entryways and shed light on outdoor obstacles.
  • Up lighting: This is a unique way to highlight landscaping features by having lights shine from the ground, upwards.
  • Parameter lighting: These are lights placed at key points of the yard in order to provide good lighting for people walking in and out of the home at night. This type of lighting can also be used to accent a specific outdoor piece or flowers.
  • Tree lamps: This type of lamp is typically used for camping, but can be hung on tree branches to draw attention to your trees and create a nice nighttime ambiance.

Be sure that all outdoor home lighting is installed safely and properly by a licensed professional! 

Photo Credit: Jon Kline