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Ambient Lighting

Ambient light refers to the general light present in a room, whether it is natural light or artificial light. This type of lighting gives off a comfortable level of brightness and provides illumination for the entire room. Here are some ways you can use artificial lighting to create or increase ambient light in your home:

  • Cove lighting: This lighting is located on a shelf or high recess and directs light toward the ceiling and upper parts of the walls. Bouncing light off walls and ceilings indirectly lights the room without creating shadows or glare.
  • Recessed lighting: These lights are flush with the ceiling and can be directed toward walls.
  • Wall Sconces: These lights cover the walls in light and can direct light upwards or downwards. They are mounted to the surface of the wall and are also used to add décor to the room.
  • Dimmers: Dimmable lights allow you to adjust the amount of light in the room depending on the time of day to enhance or replace natural light.
  • Chandeliers: These decorative light pieces along with other ceiling light fixtures are a simple way to add ambient lighting to any room.

You can increase the amount of ambient lighting in your home by painting with whites or light colors. Mirrors can also be used to reflect natural light so that you don’t need an unnecessary amount of fixtures.