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While decorative lights add a touch of magic to the holiday season, they can increase the risks of fire and electrical injuries if not used safely.  Before you begin decorating, determine how many outlets are available and where they are located.  Plan your displays accordingly....Read more

Fall is here and the nights are cold. It’s time to pull out the extra blankets and crank on the heater! For those who don’t have central heat and choose to use an electric space heater inside, make sure you know the following safety precautions:

  • Be sure to buy a space heater with a
  • ...Read more

Ambient light refers to the general light present in a room, whether it is natural light or artificial light. This type of lighting gives off a comfortable level of brightness and provides illumination for the entire room. Here are some ways you can use artificial lighting to create or increase...Read more

Our Mr. Electric technicians are happy to perform an electrical safety inspection on your home. Electrical safety inspections keep both you and your home safe by ensuring that your home meets the legal standards for safety. We recommend that you get an inspection when buying a new home, or if...Read more

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular. These vehicles are a great way to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions while driving. There are Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations located in many public areas, however it can be helpful to have an EV station at your residence...Read more

Energy efficient lighting will not only save you money, but will also save our earth. Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights are extremely efficient and come in a wide range to suit your specific residential or commercial needs. Here are some reasons LED lighting is great for the environment and...Read more

We all love the feeling of completing a home “Do-It-Yourself” project, especially when it’s something you put off for a long time. There so many creative DIY projects you can do to improve your home, but just because something looks like a simple task doesn’t necessarily mean you should do it...Read more

There are many potential safety hazards present in your kitchen. Do you know what they are and how you can stay safe? We can help you out!

  1. Using multiple kitchen appliances at the same time can overload the circuit or outlet. Make sure all appliances are professionally and properly
  2. ...Read more

There can be just as many electrical safety hazards outside of your home as there are inside. Whether you are out doing yard work or simply relaxing on your patio, it is important to know how you can prevent electrical injury. Here are a few tips that can keep you safe while outdoors:

    ...Read more

Many people would argue that the kitchen is the heart of the home. The kitchen is where you cook the meals that will power your day and bring comfort to your family and friends. It is important to have a well-lit kitchen for cooking, cleaning and eating. Here are a few ideas for kitchen lighting...Read more