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Electric Repair


Electric Repair for Dallas, TX

Mr. Electric of Dallas is ready whenever you need an electric repair. Our trained, licensed electricians are dedicated to delivering the highest quality standard of electrical work. We also train our electricians in customer service and respect for your property. We want you to be confident in our electricians’ professionalism.

When you call Mr. Electric, you should expect a uniformed electrician to arrive with shoe covers and identification. When the electrician enters the home, their first task is to inspect the electrical system to look for any unseen issues that could be the real problems. Then our electrician will describe the necessary work and any additional issues that will complicate that work. You will receive a thorough explanation about all of the work to be performed before you receive a detailed up-front pricing invoice. Mr. Electric takes pride in accurate estimates. Before we start work, you will know the price up front. The job is not finished until the Mr. Electric electrician inspects the entire electrical system again to make sure the repair is correct and that no other issues have occurred because of the change in electricity strength.

Hazardous Electrical Repair Symptoms

The power may work in your home or office, but their may be a host of smaller, overlooked signs that you may need a serious electrical repair:

  • Flickering Lights –lighting turns off/on at certain times of day
  • Brownouts – lights dim for a short time, then return to normal
  • Power Surges – lights flash brightly, then return to normal or go dark
  • Scorched Outlets – a wall socket plate has brown or grey stains near the plug holes or on the wall
  • Tripped Circuit Breakers – electrical panel breaker switches flip and cut power for no apparent reason
  • Lightning Strikes – a lightning strike on or near a home or business can cause a severe power surge that causes smoke or fire
  • Power Outage – appliances are damaged when a power surge overloads the electrical panel

Turn Circuits and Wall Outlets Repairs into Upgrades

If you’re tempted to make electrical repairs yourself, just call Mr. Electric of Arlington instead and save yourself from aggravations and injuries. Our licensed electricians stay up to speed on local building codes. They know how to handle any kind of electrical system safely. They won’t take shortcuts that put your home at risk. For example, our licensed electricians understand how much wiring and circuits you home should be able to handle. If there is too much power on the circuits, they can be overloaded and spark a fire. Our electricians are trained to read the electrical schematic plans and select the right wires for your systems.

In general, electrical outlets and their circuits should have more than enough electricity to handle any power surges or brownouts. Outlets near water sources need outlets with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI). If water contacts a power cord or the appliance itself while it is plugged in, the GFCI switch turns off electricity to the outlet plugs. Mr. Electric of Dallas can upgrade outlets to GFCI outlets while repairing circuits in your home. At the same time, you might want some convenient outlets installed with USB plugs for phone chargers, computers and other electronics.

Make Complete Electrical Repairs

Often, power surges cause repair symptoms, especially brownouts, flickering and outlet burn scorches. Protect your home or business from future power surges. Sometimes a power surge will immediately damage appliances and electronics that are plugged into the system, such as televisions, computers and microwave ovens. Sensitive computer components in many appliances burn out early from frequent power surges. With a whole home surge protection system installed, you can avoid many electrical repairs and appliance replacements. Since the power is “cleaned” at the source (the main power line to the home), you can do away with power strip surge protectors that burn out after only a few surges. Protect your expensive technical equipment, especially if you have a home theater or a home office.

Electrical Repairs by Local Electricians

As a locally-owned business, Mr. Electric of Dallas cares about the safety of the people in our community. Our electrical repair services are important to prevent fires and shock hazards. Don’t attempt electrical repairs on your own, let the experts at Mr. Electric handle them for you. We have years of experience with loyal customers throughout the Dallas area, including Carrollton, Coppell, Farmers Branch, Irving and University Park. Our licensed technicians are ready to solve your electrical problems and offer new upgrade solutions to save energy and money. We have the power to make things better! Call today!