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Electric Repair in Chattanooga, TN

Electrical issues can happen any time, but thankfully Mr. Electric of Chattanooga is ready around the clock for your electrical repair needs. Our trained, licensed electricians adhere to high professional standards for their work. They also will treat your home or business with the utmost respect, and treat you with world-class customer service. It starts with a thorough inspection of the electrical issues. Then you will receive a full explanation of the work that will be required to repair the issues and to keep you and your home safe. We pride ourselves on our accurate estimates and up-front pricing, so that you will know the price to expect when the work is completed. Finally, your electrician will conduct an electrical safety inspection of the entire system before leaving.

Symptoms of Dangerous Electrical Issues

There are many symptoms that could indicate that there is a more important electrical repair required:

  • Flickering Lights – when lighting turns off and on rapidly
  • Lighting Brownouts – when you can see the lights dim for a length of time
  • Power Surges – when lights turn unusually bright and may flash
  • Burn Scorched Outlets – when an outlet has brown or grey stains near the plug holes or on the wall around the outlet plate
  • Tripped Circuit Breakers –  when the electrical panel breakers interrupt the circuit frequently for no apparent reason
  • Wind Storms and Lightning Strikes – one lightning strike on or near a home or business can cause smoke or fire, plus damage appliances, when circuits are powerfully overloaded

Repairing Wiring and Outlets

When you encounter the symptoms of electrical issues, don’t be tempted to repair wiring yourself. Electrical wires should exceed the power capacity of the appliances and devices being plugged into the system. If the wire is too thin, and too much power is connected, there will be a short circuit, then overheating and fire. The professional, licensed electricians at Mr. Electric of Chattanooga can interpret the jargon and select the right wiring for your home’s needs.

Outlets have to handle more than enough power, in the same way the wiring should. Outlets should take a power surge without burning out. Outlets near water sources should have a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) inside. A GFCI is like a breaker switch, it can trip and shut off power to the outlet in case water comes into contact with an appliance plugged into the outlet. The electricians at Mr. Electric of Chattanooga can repair your electrical system by installing the right GFCI outlets. They can also upgrade outlets with USB plugs in them to recharge your phones and computers, or outlets with surge protectors on them to protect circuits.

Make the Repair – Then Stop it from Happening Again

Power surge damage causes many electrical issues that appear as brownouts, flickering, and burn scorches later. The electrical circuit breaker panel may be damaged and need to be replaced. But more importantly, the home should be protected from future power surges – especially if you just made an investment in repairing damage!

To protect your entire home and the appliances and devices that are connected to your electrical system, Mr. Electric and install a whole home surge protection system that is hard-wired into your electrical panel. A licensed general electrician can help determine if you can settle for a smaller dedicated surge protector for a home office with computer equipment or a living room with a home theater system.

Your General Electrician Solution

Our goal at Mr. Electric of Chattanooga is to keep the people you care about safe and secure, not only to take care of your home or business. Our loyal customers count on us throughout the southeast Tennessee and northern Georgia area, including Chattanooga, Collegedale, East Brainerd, Harrison, Hixson, Lakesite, Middle Valley, Ooltewah, Ringgold, Rossville, Signal Mountain and Soddy Daisy. Call Mr. Electric today to schedule an appointment – we have the power to make things better!