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Davis County

Protect What Matters Most

By Tom Haraldsen, The Davis Clipper

Nothing is more frustrating, or sometimes downright scary or dangerous, than being without electrical power. Our lives are so dependent on it for our appliances, computers, heating and air conditioning, home security systems, and of course, lighting. When our power is out, our lives are affected in many ways.

So it’s good to know that when a problem arises with our electrical systems, Mr. Electric is right around the corner. For nine years, owner Adam Smart and his team of professionals have been there for full electrical repair services, upgrades and installations to both residential and commercial customers in Davis County and beyond.

“I was born and raised in Bountiful, and we now live in Farmington, so we have pretty good ties with the residents here in Davis County,” Adam said. “Our reputation has been built on our caring service, our fully licensed and trained electricians, and our focus on doing the job right. We make sure it’s done safely and that our customers are happy when we leave.”

Mr. Electric can handle any size electrical project—whether it’s to rewire a home or business, help with a kitchen remodel, or anything in between.

But back to that emergency—the moment when Mother Nature or some other event has knocked out the power. Hours can go by without power being restored—and in the case of that severe wind storm in Davis County a couple years ago, even days. That’s one reason Adam and his team members are passionate about backup emergency generators, a specialty for Mr. Electric.

“Being ready for the unknown is what can make the difference between a close call and a disaster,” Adam said. “Every homeowner has gone through the unfortunate event of losing power. Whether it was for a short or long period, it is an unpleasant experience that most people dread happening. This is why we take extra pride in installing emergency back-up generators for your home or business. Our trained and licensed electricians want to make sure that you are left with peace of mind when any kind of electrical service is completed.” He said the cost of a backup emergency generator is less than many people think, but the security they can offer for so many reasons makes their installation well worth the investment.

“It’s really about the security of knowing you will have electrical power,” Adam said. “We promise to do quality work, charge a fair price and satisfy the customer. And we work on jobs big and small—the scope of our work is pretty broad.”

So turn to Mr. Electric for all of your electrical problems or projects. You can reach them at 801-447-3400 or visit their website