Smart Homes of the Future

Smart Home Innovations

Technology makes our lives easier. And nothing encompasses that statement more than Smart Home technology. In today’s world, a homeowner can control their thermostats, their security cameras, their lights, their televisions, and even their refrigerators all from an app on their smartphones. But you’re about to find out by reading on that as far as Smart Homes go, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Smart Homes of the Future

In the last few years, new smart home innovations like smart speakers have changed the way we listen to music and watch TV. Experts predict the smart homes of the future will take this a step further. Smart speakers, for example, will be able to work as a middle man, if you will, to control all the smart furniture in your home. Yes, smart furniture. Imagine a bookshelf folding over to allow a large TV to emerge from a hidden compartment at your command. Your new smart speakers can move your furniture all while making you feel like you’re at the movie theater instead of at home binge-watching your favorite show on the couch. But this is just the beginning.

Smart Kitchens

We often think of smart home innovations as things that make security or comfort easier, but they can also make more labor intensive tasks like cooking a whole lot simpler. Smart homes of the future will feature ovens that can monitor your food as it cooks using digital thermometers and specially designed cameras. Imagine getting an alert on your phone that your banana bread is ready early, or that it’s time to baste the turkey. There are already smart refrigerators that can alert you when you’re running low on milk, but imagine your refrigerator letting you know that those blueberries you bought a few days ago are about to go bad- and then give you a recipe for blueberry muffins! New smart home devices are easily integrated with each other, but in the smart home of the future, your refrigerator will be able to send cooking instructions to your oven in order to use up the specific ingredients you happen to have available that are close to expiring. Wow!


Smart Homes Help You Sleep Better

With all that assistance from your smart home of the future, you’re already eating better, so you should be sleeping better too. Technology will make it possible to track your sleep habits using sensors in your mattress that can adjust the firmness of your bed without disturbing you, and send you suggestions in the morning on how you can improve your nightly rest. If that’s not enough, your new smart home devices will be able to sense disturbances in your sleep patterns and put on soft music or white noise -whichever has shown a pattern of success for you- to help you get more REM. All that restful sleep shouldn’t be disturbed by a noisy alarm. How about waking up gently to an essential oil of your choice from a smart alarm clock diffuser? Can it be the future already?

You Won’t Have to Wait Too Long

Don’t worry, most of these smart home innovations are right around the corner. So, while you wait for all this amazing technology to become available, why not make sure your home is compatible? All this new technology may require updates to your electrical system. Why not schedule an electrical safety inspection and talk to your electrician about any updates or repairs you may need? The future you will thank you.

Trust the Experts With Your New Smart Home

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