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Home Generators

Home Generators in Birmingham, AL

Don’t get left in the dark when your home loses power. Be ready for power emergencies and keep your family safe with a home generator from Mr. Electric of Birmingham. As Alabama’s largest Generac dealer, we’re the experts in home generator installation, service and repairs.

The Home Generator Advantage

If power goes out during a major storm, it could take from a couple hours to a week or more to restore electricity to your neighborhood. With a home generator, you can keep your basic living essentials running until full power returns. Food can be preserved in refrigerators and freezers, water can move through sump pumps and pipes, HVAC and furnaces can keep the home comfortable, stoves can be used for cooking, computers won’t lose files, and most importantly, the lights will stay on for safety. Just like a truck engine, a home generator converts fuel into electrical power thanks to heavy-duty recharging batteries.

Think about the potential for power loss:

  • Dangerous Weather: lightning, wind, hail, hurricanes, tornadoes, and snowstorms
  • Damage by Animals: believe it or not, animals are the second leading cause of residential power failures
  • Blackouts:occur when there isn’t enough electricity to meet high demands, especially in the summer months
  • Extreme Natural Disasters:earthquakes, floods and brush fires damage power infrastructures
  • Vehicle Accidents: power poles, lines, transformers and other electrical equipment can be severely damaged

Generators for Your Home’s Needs

Portable Generators

Portable home generators are good for small homes and workshops during short-term power outages. They may power a few appliances for a day or two until power is restored. Portable generators are manually started and connected directly to necessary appliances, and they require constant refueling. Portable generators do cost less than full standby generators, but they operate fewer appliances. In addition, portable generators must be operated outside of buildings to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning from exhaust that builds up in enclosed areas.

Automatic Standby Generac Home Generators

Natural gas or propane powered automatic standby backup power generators manage almost all of your home’s electrical needs during a power outage. Generac power generators prevent power service interruptions by turning on automatically whenever there is a power loss, no matter how small. An automatic standby generator may cost more than a portable generator, but they can run for much longer periods of time and serve many more appliances since they can be wired directly into the home’s electrical system.

What Size Generator is Best?

The experts at Mr. Electric can help you determine the total watts necessary to run the most essential appliances and systems on a stand-alone power generator. This will prevent an overload during an automatic startup, as well as not enough power to keep the essential appliances running. You want a generator that will produce just the right amount of power to meet your family’s needs for a few days or more.

To learn more about finding the perfect generator solution for your home’s backup power needs, contact a professional at Mr. Electric of Birmingham for a free in-home consultation. We serve the entire metro area, including Alabaster, Hoover, Indian Springs Village, Lake Purdy, Meadowbrook, and Pelham. Call us today – we have the power to make things better!