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Electrical Installation in Arlington, TX

You can rely on Mr. Electric of Arlington when you need a licensed electrician for an electrical installation at your home or business. Our experienced technicians can determine if you will need an electrical system update to handle higher power needs from large appliances such as a new HVAC system installation, hot tub wiring and switches, or large in-home kitchen appliances, refrigerators and freezers. Mr. Electric also installs dedicated circuits for room additions, renovations, interior or exterior lighting, and computer networking hardware. Because electricity is a fire and safety issue, you don’t want to attempt electrical circuit installations on your own. Don’t leave it to your local handyman, either. Trust the professionals at Mr. Electric to do the job right, according to local regulations and safety rules.

Frequent Electrical Installations

Mr. Electric knows that electrical installations are more complex than ever before, because homes are becoming more automated with sensitive computer equipment. You would think that adding a light switch would be a simple chore. But if you want to make sure that it works with other circuits and your electrical panel, and if you want to dim the lights from your automation app, you might want to call in a professional to make sure everything will work correctly. Mr. Electric installs all kinds of electric products for a home or business:

  • Home or business energy-saving automation technology
  • Dedicated electrical circuits for HVAC systems, hot tubs, and other major appliances
  • Home and commercial backup power generators
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors connected to the electrical system
  • GFCI outlets for trip breakers near sinks, tubs and other water areas
  • Indoor USB outlets for computer, phone and gadget chargers
  • Specialty track, spotlight and recessed lighting for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Outdoor electrical outlets in exterior walls
  • Landscape lighting fixtures, plus circuits, timers and switches
  • Outdoor spotlights, lamps and other security lighting
  • Electric vehicle charging stations in garages
  • Power consumption meters to monitor usage rates
  • Surge protectors for clean power
  • Electrical panels and breaker boxes

Breaker Box and Electrical Panel Installations

Breaker boxes protect the electrical switch panels that handle the main power line from the utility company. The electrical panels direct power to smaller circuits through switches called breakers, which can “trip” or turn off power overloads the circuit. This failsafe prevents fires and electrocutions.

Behind the switch face plate in an electrical panel, a complex series of wires and other electrical equipment keep the power distribution routed correctly without overheating the panel. Do not touch the inside of an electrical panel, because it can be quite shocking. Only a licensed electrician from Mr. Electric should attempt to install a new electrical panel. Our technicians know how much power the circuits can handle, and whether or not a supplemental breaker box is necessary for new electrical installations. At the same time you upgrade your electrical panel, think about adding a safe input breaker box for portable temporary power generators, or even a whole home generator to protect your home or business when there is a major power outage.

Committed to Your Safety

Mr. Electric of Arlington offers 24/7 emergency service to protect your property’s safety and security. We are the general electrician of choice for electrical installations throughout the Arlington area, including Dalworthington Gardens, Kennedale, Mansfield and Pantego. Let the licensed electricians at Mr. Electric handle your electrical improvements. We have the power to make things better!