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Western Pennsylvania

Electric Installation in Uniontown, PA

Since 1994, Mr. Electric has provided electrical installation services throughout the world, and Mr. Electric of Western Pennsylvania is proud to provide those same services here in Hopwood, PA. Our rates are fair and competitive, and we offer that pricing up front via estimates that we perform at no cost and without obligation.

Our technicians are available on your schedule and will show the utmost respect for your family and home. Those technicians can install all sorts of products, including:

  • Consumption meters that can help you track usage
  • Generators that can restore power to your home during an outage
  • Solar energy systems that can save you money in the long run
  • EVSE systems for charging your electric or hybrid vehicle
  • Exhaust fans for making your home ventilation more efficient

Many loyal customers rely on Mr. Electric of Western Pennsylvania for residential and commercial electrical installations because we take pride in the work we perform. Contact us today, and discover how we can serve you and why we’ve earned so many satisfied customers throughout Pittsburgh, Greensburg, and Washington.