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Customer Testimonials

A GREAT EXPERIENCE!!! I have recently put in a new air conditioning system (LONG story). Needless to say i have been taxed a little mentally. The hvac people said i had an electrical problem because the new system wasn’t receiving power. SO i looked up this site for an electrician. Major brownie points to home advisor!! MY electrician from Mr. Electric was Marvin. He was amazing. Not only did he NOT find any electrical problem,-he did not create any-i do not know anything about electric -he could have easily changed something that did not need to be fixed. It is so refreshing to find such honesty! Because i didn’t have an electrical problem my unit was still only heating my house to 45 degrees when he left at 11 am. He called me about 5 pm to see if i had gotten in touch with hvac people because he was concerned that i had very little heat in the house! It is so nice to know this company has such upstanding employees!! I will definitely recommend this company to everyone i know!!!
- Charlene D.

This Company is so "on the ball" it's scary. No sooner did I hit the return key on my computer than I received a phone call from Nancy offering their service. She managed to get Zach over here within an hour and a half. Truly unbelievable! Zach is an excellent electrician and a real doll to boot. He was able to figure out all of the issues and get everything done within approximately a 2-hour timeframe. As an owner of a short-sale home which has been renovated several times in the past by non-professionals, I am so thankful for coming into contact with this company. Absolutely the best company I've dealt with to date in my efforts to bring this home up to standard. I will continue to use them for all electrical needs here.
- Frances M.

The technician was very knowledgeable - did a free home safety check which found I had a few bad breakers in my panel box that needed to be replaced and 2 bad GFIs that also needed to be replaced. I have them coming back next week to install the whole house surge protector and the Power Save 1200. I think my favorite part of it all was when the technician came to the door, put down a mat on the inside of my home and proceeded to put on boot covers over his boots. He was very well dressed and very clean. My technician's name was Shane.
- Ruthann H.